British New Wave/Post-Punk Innovators, Modern English, to Perform at LVCS Oct. 19

British New Wave/Post-Punk Innovators, Modern English, to Perform at LVCS Oct. 19
After reuniting in 2009 and embarking on their first US tour since 1986, British post-punk/pop craftsmen Modern English, will be returning to the States next week for a West Coast tour. 

Following the enthusiastic response for their 2010 US tour to support their last release, “Soundtrack”, which reunited them with producer Hugh Jones who they worked with on their classic, gold-status 1983 album, “After the Snow”, original founding members Robbie Grey (vocals); Mick Conroy (bass); Gary McDowell (guitar); and Stephen Walker (keyboards), along with drummer Rick Chandler, will be performing on 10/19 in Las Vegas at LVCS.

Known for their sonic and multi-layered music, their 1982 smash hit song, “I Melt with You”, went to #7 on the Mainstream Rock chart in 1983, and was featured in the film “Valley Girl”, in addition to numerous commercials, since it’s original release. Modern English is also remembered for other 1980s hits such as “Hands Across the Sea,” “Someone’s Calling” and “Ink and Paper”, but as Grey, who has been the band’s frontman since 1979, points out, this tour will be a celebration of the present as well as the past, as the band is currently putting the finishing touches on their eighth album.

In September 2011, interviewed Grey about working with the original lineup and he said, “It’s amazing to look around and see these guys on stage again. It’s really special. We knew each other from kids from our hometown in Colchester and Essex in England. We were just 16 and 17 year old kids when we knew each other back then. And there’s a real chemistry when we get together. Everyone’s got different things going on, but when we get together and make the music, it really works.”

Recently in the “Village Voice”, Aidan Levy wrote, “…Modern English’s diverse body of work shows an evolving aesthetic that transcends Thatcher-era malaise. Their electrifying live shows testify to frontman Robbie Grey’s lasting charisma….” The band has rediscovered their sound, and are back with a revitalized energy and a fresh perspective.

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