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Mr. Las Vegas: George Wallace at the Flamingo Showroom

George WallaceGeorge Wallace is a funny guy. What started out as a three month trial at the Flamingo Showroom turned into a steady gig.  Call him “The Godfather of Comedy” or “The James Brown of Comedy” – just make sure to pay his show because George has the answers to some very pressing issues in life ranging from how kids dress to airport security. 

Like all comedians, George has a lot of ideas he wants to share, and Tuesdays through Sundays at 10 PM he’ll make you a little wiser with his “I be thinkin'” commentaries. For George, it’s all in the delivery. If one joke doesn’t work, here comes another one, then another, and a few more for good measure. George converses with his audience as though he’s sitting around the kitchen table trying to deliver that one comical one liner that will make you squirt milk out your nose. 

Get ready for a lot of “Yo Momma” jokes. George encourages audience participation on this topic and challenges anyone to outdo him. Who could resist a challenge like that? Throw him a “Yo Momma” joke and he’ll counter with a better one. Keep in mind, he probably records his shows and “borrows” the better jokes that come from the audience. Why scratch your head thinking of good jokes when paying guests yell great one lines-see, he be thinkin’.

After the show, George stands outside the showroom ready to shake your hand, sign autographs, and pose for pictures. He’s the only comedian with a 10 PM show, willing to go that extra mile for his guests.   

Tickets are $39.95 plus tax. The phone numbers for tickets are 702-733-3333 and 800-221-7299. Discover, MasterCard, VISA, and American Express are accepted.