Sin City Gallery Presents Anthony Bondi’s ‘Neon Metropolis’

Anthony Bondi’s “Neon Metropolis”
Anthony Bondi’s “Neon Metropolis” will exhibit his original collage pieces with an up-close look at his surreal ruminations on life in his hometown of Las Vegas at Sin City Gallery Oct. 31-Dec. 23, 2013. On Thursday, Oct. 31, there will be a reception at the gallery with Bondi available for Q&A with attendees from 6-11 p.m. 

Bondi’s newer collage work using a different technique features photographic pieces, hand-cut and seamlessly pasted together. His works represent hundreds of hours meticulously sourcing, reproducing and assembling. His pieces are not done by Photoshop.

“Collage is an act of intrusion, the pre-existing meaning of single images being shifted by a change of context,” said Bondi. “The mash-up involves memory, in that the shifting of the meaning of an image also leads us to consider the previous meaning of the image.”

Bondi further explains, “Collage makes a farce of the concept of object-as-object. There is no image or thing so self-contained that play around its edges cannot change its essential identity. An image or object has no essential meaning separate from the context in which it is set, which is always subject to change.”

Bondi was born in Las Vegas in 1954. After high school, he spent a decade in Los Angeles and one year as an art major at UCLA. Always fond of free time, he managed to kick around and spend time in a wide variety of jobs such as movie theater door stop, lemon picker, Keno writer, restaurant waiter, janitor, Internet stock investor, and slumlord.

The 59-year-old multidisciplinary artist’s creative expression was peaked when he became the Las Vegas ambassador for the “Burning Man” festival, spearheading the creation of increasingly huge complex and creative steel-framed art installations that were transported to the remote area of Northern Nevada from 1996-2009. During the 90s, he also did Vegas art shows.

For this themed showing, Bondi is suggesting with his pictures that the architectural heart of Vegas is in the intersections between its signature elements, in the steps between its enveloping environments. He has found a narrative with the points of transition in the multiple centers of Vegas, where Sin City’s unique identity is most clear.

“Sin City Gallery is becoming internationally recognized for presenting art experiences of the highest caliber,” said gallery curator, Dr. Laura Henkel. “It’s original art by artists such as Anthony Bondi that is giving the gallery a significant presence in the art world.

Sin City Gallery is located off the Strip in the famous Arts Factory, situated in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas’ thriving arts community, at 107 E. Charleston Boulevard, Suite 100. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 1 to 7 p.m. The gallery’s TV exposure includes Oxygen Network’s “Bad Girls Club” and the Travel Channel’s “The Ethical Hedonist” episode featuring Las Vegas. For information, updates and exhibition calendar, call 702-608-2461 or visit