Destiny All-Female Paintball Team Makes History!

Destiny All-Female North American Paintball Team
Paintball history was made on Sunday, October 6 at the 2013 NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the first time an all-female paintball team, Destiny, has won a non-segregated national championship on North American soil in the history of paintball (Photo credit:

Destiny All-Female North American Paintball Team
Destiny All-Female North American Paintball Team

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The NPPL is one of two American national paintball tournament series that hosts events all across the United States each year. Destiny is owned by the paintball icon Bea Youngs, one of the most recognizable female players in the sport. In addition to being team owner, she is also on Destiny’s active player roster. Kat Secor is Destiny’s Team Captain. She is an original Destiny member, having played with the team from 2005-2007. After a hiatus, she returned to Destiny in 2012 and became Team Captain in 2013. Joining Kat on the 2013 Las Vegas Championships roster were Linh Truong, Dee Tucker, Mikaela Wilkins, Caren Urduja, Lacuesta Torrente and guest player Linn Andersen Askevold, who is from the All-Female Norwegian Team Poison Ivy.

At the same Las Vegas NPPL Event in 2012, the team actually came in 2nd place. The girls were looking to step it up at this year’s event, hungry for a 1st place finish this year!

Kat Secor said, “Some people look at our team and our players and think that we will not be able to win, that our team does not stand out because we don’t have “superstar players”. But this 1st place win proves that superstar players don’t always mean victory. Rather it is the SUM OF the parts, and teamwork, that bring victory. Proving our place in this male dominant sport is a wonderful feeling.”

Destiny plays in the USA as well as Internationally. In 2012 the team competed in Malaysia, in early 2013 in Thailand, and coming up this November they will travel to Australia to compete.

Kat Secor also wants people to know that winning is a goal, but their role in painball also goes much deeper. “Destiny wants to be positive role models for women in paintball. We want to be competitive athletes and win events, but also we want to encourage more women to get into paintball, teach new players, participate in charity events, and overall promote the sport.”

Destiny owner and founder Bea Youngs also had this to say: ” Thank you to all our supporters and friends! We really appreciate the way you believe in our cause – to prove women can compete and participate in paintball, and WIN, too!!”

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