Pole Dancing is Sexy, Fun and Great Exercise… Sapphire Pole Dance Studio Makes it Easy for Beginners

Sapphire Pole Dance Studio
When thinking of pole dancing, one of two things comes to mind. The first, being at a gentlemen’s club and watching entertainers dance on the pole; and the second are the professionals out there that take the sport to the extreme. What doesn’t come to mind however, are the groups of ladies that want to learn pole dancing in a fun and less extreme way…friends, bachelorettes and birthday girls. 

Every year thousands of women flock to Las Vegas to have fun or celebrate a birthday or bachelorette party; and a many would like to include a pole dance class. Most of these women have never been on a pole before, nor have they had any prior training leading up to being on a pole; they still want to have a great time and learn something special for themselves or their significant other. Pole dancing, although it is a sport, is also a very sensual and seductive art that many women dream to learn but many don’t think they will ever get the chance to. Many girls believe that, due to their age or size, they will never be able to learn or that it is too late to try. Well, this is where Sapphire Pole Studio comes in.

Sapphire Pole Studio is a pole dance studio like no other. They specifically cater to women who want to learn the art, yet have had no experience. The pole dance classes are designed with all age and sizes in mind. If the girls are physically capable to walk, touch their toes, and bend then they can take this course and have a blast doing it. The instructors are trained and understand what patience and persistence can do for a woman who wants to learn. Although the class is a set routine, the routine itself has been choreographed to fit a true beginner’s field and take them on a journey from not knowing anything on a pole, to learning and understanding a total of 11 moves.

Of course many of these girls want to do what they have seen all the wonderful professionals do and fly through the air with grace and ease. They may not get to the professional level in one class, but by the end of this specific routine each girl will have taken flight and know what it feels like to have her feet leave the ground.

Sapphire Pole Studio has been in business for over two years and to date, not one single woman has been injured. Now, bare in mind, this class also is not for “babies”. The moves involved in the class are from beginner to semi-intermediate so the ladies must pay close attention to their instructor at all times. The instructors never forget that the ladies are here to have fun, let loose and have a great time while learning something they have always wanted to learn, Sapphire Pole Dance Studio also offers ladies a Chair Dance Routine for those with a little less mobility or physical capabilities.

Pictures are taken, feather boas are flying and girls are smiling as they take the Sapphire Pole Dance Studio class. So does the bachelorette have enough to show her groom what she has learned? YES! The whole idea of the course is to allow a girl who wants to learn pole dancing the ability to show off what she learned in just one hour of time! Her future husband to be will be thrilled, the bridesmaids and friends will be elated and all the girls can take their new moves out to a dance club and strut their stuff!

With so many women out there wanting to learn and wishing they had a fun unique place to do it, Sapphire Pole Dance Studio is pleased to be at their service. “Our goal is to insure that each bachelorette party, birthday party or group of girls just looking to try something new and fun; has a completely unique, and wonderful experience.” says Manager Allison Campbell. “If I can help a girl with low self-esteem build herself a new level due to my routine and course then I have succeeded”. These classes are suitable for anyone wanting to have a great time while learning such an amazingly difficult skill. NO, you will not become a “high flyer” at the end of the one hour course, but you will know enough to keep your head up high and not fear the pole!

Sapphire Pole Dance Studio is located at 3125 S. Industrial Road in Las Vegas, Nevada, right next to Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, “The World’s Largest”. All packages include complimentary transportation to Sapphire from the Strip hotels, a complimentary shot and gift bag. Packages can be purchased online at www.MenOfSapphire.com or for more information or to make a reservation over the phone, call 702-869-0003.