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The Beatles “LOVE” Reviewed by Brian T. Yates

The Beatles LOVE at The MirageIt is said that your first Cirque du Sole is your favorite.  With that in mind, if you’re not a Beatles fan and have seen other Cirque du Sole shows, then LOVE will not measure up to expectations.  However, LOVE was my first Cirque du Sole performance and all other shows get compared against it—being a huge Beatles fan makes this performance special.

The preshow starts with a few performers traversing the stage and the audience. One of them dresses like a hobo and carries a large yellow bouquet of flowers that another performer takes. When that happens, the man reaches into his coat and takes out an extra flower he’s hidden.

The trademark feature of a Cirque du Sole show is that there’s always something happening on or above the stage. Add in twenty-seven different Beatles song from various stages of the band’s history and LOVE turns into a grand performance. Each song receives a different theme ranging from the Fab Four playing on the Ed Sullivan Show to Yellow Submarine and characters meeting Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

It’s best seeing LOVE from the upper orchestra level or higher. This allows for a better view of the panoramic events talking place both on and above the round stage. There’s one instance where a parachute gets stretched into the audience and those in the lower orchestra section can’t see the center stage bed rising up and down during Within You, Without You.

The multitude of performers deserves a series of complements for their abilities to skate up and down ramps and master acrobatic stunts without colliding into each other. The scene changes were flawless throughout the show. Yves Aucoin, who designed Celine Dion’s “A New Day” and “Smokey Robinson Presents Australia’s Human Nature—The Ultimate Celebration of Motown” has a gift for offering a panorama of activities throughout the show and manages smooth transitions between all twenty-seven songs. Beatles fans will adore LOVE. It’s a fitting tribute to the phenomenal music John, Paul, George, and Ringo created.

Tickets range from $93.50 to $150, plus tax and service fee. The phone number s for tickets are (702) 792-7777 or (800) 963-9634. Shows are Wednesday through Sunday at either 7 PM or 9:30 PM. VISA, Mastercard, and American Express accepted. Children under the age of five are not permitted inside the theater.