Watch UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler Live on PPV at Sapphire, The World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club, Saturday, March 15

Watch UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler Live on PPV at Sapphire, The World's Largest Gentlemen’s Club, Saturday, March 15
Watch UFC 171: Hendricks vs. Lawler live on PPV at Sapphire Las Vegas on Saturday, Mar. 15, starting at 6pm! Buy your tickets now

On Saturday March 15, 2014, Johny Hendricks will take on Robbie Lawler will compete for the Ultimate Fighting Champion Welterweight title and Sapphire Las Vegas will be showing  the UFC 171 fight on 100 inch flat screens! This collision of two successful fighters will bring out a hunger you only see in the UFC as both men last fought in UFC 167, in which the outcomes were very different for each.

A key element to this fight is going to be each UFC 171 fighter’s unique advantages. Robbie Lawler has been fighting in UFC competitions for years now giving him the upper hand when it comes to experience. Lawler has stoppages from both head and knee-kicks to his advantage and is no stranger to hard body shots. Lawler has a way of surprising his fellow UFC competitors as they seem to wait for him, unsure of his next move – then, it is too late. If Lawler wants to overpower Hendricks, he must ignore being cautious.

That being said, all Hendricks has to do to come out the victor is tire out his opponent. Johny Hendricks can suck the life out of a man simply by wrestling him and playing into his cardio strengths and when it comes to grappling, Hendricks is the obvious winner. Lawler’s wrestling background won’t save him from Hendrick’s domination in both close and top positions. This will continue to help Johny Hendricks throughout the fight in that he will just gain better positions.

Sapphire Las Vegas foresees a TKO but by whom? The question will be answered Saturday March 15, 2014. Doors to UFC 171 open at 6 PM and UFC 171 with us will have everything a man could want: alcohol, good eats, beautiful women offering $1 dances, raffles and more!

Sapphire's Fierce Beard Competition
Sapphire’s Fierce Beard Competition

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March 15, 2014 is going to be an exciting night at Sapphire Las Vegas with a lot to prove between competitors. Get your tickets early to secure your seats!

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