Pirate Fest Announces Zappos to Sponsor the Cardboard Regatta

Pirate Fest Announces Zappos to Sponsor the Cardboard Regatta
Pirate Fest
announces the addition of the Cardboard Regatta sponsored by Zappos to this year’s festival. The Cardboard Regatta is a unique competition. Entrants will build a ship (or other floaty thing) entirely out of cardboard and then race it on the lake at Lorenzi Park April 26, 2014 during Pirate Fest! 

Pirate Fest is a fantasy festival that also includes Fairies and even Steampunk characters! Sponsored by Councilman Ricki Barlow and the City of Las Vegas, Pirate Fest docks April 25-27 at Lorenzi Park. It is a family oriented activity based festival! Here the emphasis is in doing, not merely watching!

The Cardboard Regatta is an event that captures that emphasis. Entrants must only use their imagination, cardboard, glue, duct tape and some paint to create their floating masterpiece. There will be two divisions, one for individuals and one for groups/companies. Trophies and bragging rights in each division for Best Time, Most Creative Boat, and in the group division-Best Company Representation will be at stake. Oh yes, and the Davy Jones Locker Award for the best sinking!!

With the Cardboard Regatta sponsored by Zappos it has its own unique twist, The Personal Challenge! Unlike other such Regattas, entrants will be able to issue Personal Challenges for a “race within the race”. A company can challenge a competitor, challenge a different department at work, challenge a different outlet or every location, individuals can challenge each other!! What’s at stake here? Bragging rights for a whole year and a certificate to the winning challenger! Being sponsored by Zappos, there is no entry fee for your “ship” in the Regatta!

Pirates…in the desert you ask? That’s right! Pirate Feest follows its own storyline the “Legend of the Pirate of the Dry Lands”. The story explains how the pirates were cursed and ended up here, where they will “… never smell or taste salt air again.” The festival marks the anniversary of The Curse. The pirates feel they can break the curse and return to the sea… but they will need YOUR help!!

Pirate Fest is a three day, family friendly fantasy festival held April 25th through 27th at the newly remodeled, historic Lorenzi Park. The activities are family oriented and activity driven. There will be Community Groups providing information, activities and services. There will be live entertainment, music, food, vendors, strolling characters, games, activities, camel rides, a beer garden and weather permitting hot air balloon rides!!! Activities include making a rope, learn pirate fencing, follow your treasure map and you can even become an official Pirate! We have Pirate skill games for kids and adults that were originally designed, and are unique to Pirate Fest. Did we mention camel rides? (remember…they are the “ships of the desert”!)

Pirate Fest is being sponsored by Councilman Ricki Barlow and the City of Las Vegas. The Cardboard Regatta is sponsored by Zappos. The goal here is to bring new and exciting activities for the residents and visitors of Las Vegas.

For Regatta registration and information log on to: www.PirateFestLV.com. Here you will find a booty of information on the festival; sign up to be a volunteer, entertainer or vendor, info and registration for the Regatta and Melodrama challenges, even learn how to dress like a pirate. Pirate Fest, a truly unique festival for a totally unique city.