MURRAY and Gold and Silver Pawn (Pawn Stars) Unveil New “MURRAY Magic Kit”

Murray and Corey Harrison with MURRAY Magic Kit
Tropicana Hotel & Casino
 headliner Murray SawChuck who has a regular spot on History Channel’s Pawn Stars as their Magic Expert just did a joint deal with Gold & Silver Pawn to create an exciting new product called the Gold & Silver Pawn Magic Expert MURRAY Magic Kit (Pictured: Murray and Corey Harrison with the MURRAY Magic Kit)

Gold & Silver Pawn Magic Expert MURRAY Magic Kit
Gold & Silver Pawn Magic Expert MURRAY Magic Kit

The MURRAY Magic Kit includes 15 of Murray’s favorite magic tricks which are easy to learn for ages 4 years to 104!

Watch for the MURRAY Magic Kit in the Gold & Silver Pawn souvenir section next week. The MURRAY Magic Kit will also be available for purchase at MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino.

“We only have a limited amount of them as this is just a test run,” explained Murray, “but it’s a great item if you are a fan of Pawn Stars or Magic and if you want to get your kids to stop texting for a few minutes to learn an art form! It worked out for me!”

Murray SawChuckMurray SawChuck stars in MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ with wife Chloe Crawford and sleight-of-hand artist Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich at The Laugh Factory in Tropicana Las Vegas. Murray, an America’s Got Talent semifinalist and Pawn Stars magic expert, performs Sat.-Thu. at 4pm. Click here for tickets! Visit Murray’s Website or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.