Hulk Hogan to Receive Humanitarian Award at Global Gaming Expo 2008

Hulk Hogan to Receive Humanitarian Award
Hulk Hogan to Receive Humanitarian Award

On Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 12 noon, Hulk Hogan will be honored by National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Chairman Ernie Stevens, Jr. in conjunction with the Global Gaming Expo 2008 in Las Vegas, NV. He will receive the “Humanitarian Award” for his work on behalf of the “Dreamseekers” Foundation.

Hulk and Dreamseekers have committed to building the non-profit organization in partnership with Indian Country to provide needed assistance to Native American youth and their families.

Hulk Hogan, one of the most successful entertainment personalities and Executive Producer/host of the “Celebrity Championship Wrestling” series on CMT, will participate in the foundation’s activities by providing a familiar public face in Indian Country.

The Dreamseekers Foundation hopes to provide a significant amount per annum to tribal nations that face adversities such as poverty, violence and lack of various resources. “We’re specifically focusing on efforts to improve healthcare and education for Native youth,” said Ernie Stevens Jr., co-founder of the foundation.

The Hulkamania Experience, a multilevel progressive video-slot series based on the adventures of the iconic superstar, is expected to debut at the 2008 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. As a part of the foundation’s fundraising initiative, a portion of the proceeds from The Hulkamania Experience will go towards the various health and education initiatives yet to be determined by the foundation.

The game, developed in conjunction with Rainmaker Gaming Technology and ID Interactive, LLC, represents a fundamentally new approach towards community involvement in Indian Country. “We’re thrilled to work with such a worthy cause, and such an incredible superstar,” said ID’s Director of Marketing, Ike Mcfadden.

“American Indian children are more likely to live in poverty than any other racial or ethnic group in this country,” Hogan noted, citing recent U.S. Census Bureau data. “It’s time to change that, and I’m proud to be associated with that effort,” said Hulk Hogan.