PAWN SHOP LIVE! – The Lost Episode debuts at Riviera Hotel & Casino July 14

PAWN SHOP LIVE! - The Lost Episode debuts at Riviera Hotel & Casino July 14
Take 3!
PAWN SHOP LIVE! is set to debut a completely reworked version of the show on Mon., July 14 in the Starlite Theatre at the Riviera Hotel & Casino (Photo credit: Bryan Hainer)

Introducing PAWN SHOP LIVE! – The Lost Episode, a gritty new comedy based on HISTORY’s popular series “Pawn Stars” written by actor/comedian Howie Gold. PAWN SHOP LIVE! – The Lost Episode follows a day in the life of Rick, Corey, Chumlee and the Old Man as they encounter insane customers, street people and sleazy agents while trying to shoot their pilot episode. With original video clips featuring the actual “Pawn Stars” themselves, the show is a multimedia event for both fans and newcomers alike.

The “Pawn Stars” have always known that laughing at themselves is what got them to reality show stardom and through life in general. The main reason Rick Harrison wanted to become an investor, and now executive producer, is that if anyone was going to make money off of making fun of the “Pawn Stars,” he wanted in on it.

“In the reality show business, you could say one out of every 500 sizzle reels goes to pilot. For every 50 pilots, one goes to episode and only 20% of those episodes make it past season one,” said Rick Harrison. “We figured with those odds, we might as well give this show another shot with a complete overhaul. Since it’s no longer a parody, it’s more authentic to our personalities now – and funnier, too!”

While this new version of Pawn Shop Live! has gone through an entire makeover (or restoration as they say in pawn terms), the most notable change is the addition of a professional comedy writer coming in (just as Rick has experts do on the show to evaluate the worth of something) adding authenticity and jokes worthy of a Las Vegas production, making this ‘third time’s a charm’ rendition 100% new and improved.

PAWN SHOP LIVE! – The Lost Episode performs in the Starlite Theatre inside the Riviera Hotel & CasinoSaturday through Thursday (dark Friday) at 4:30 p.m. Tickets are $28.36 plus tax and applicable fee for General Admission; $45.64 plus tax and applicable fee for Preferred; $62.00 plus tax and applicable fee for VIP. Must be 18 years or older with valid ID.