TREVI to Celebrate National Lasagna Day with Lasagna Lovers Specials

Lasagna Pizza at TREVI
inside The Forum Shops at Caesars will celebrate National Lasagna Day with its delicious deep-dish lasagna pizza and authentic lasagna entrée, each specially-priced for the holiday exclusively on Tuesday, July 29 (Photo credit: Executive Chef Peter Scaturro)

Lasagna at TREVI
Lasagna at TREVI

Photo credit: Executive Chef Peter Scaturro.

Executive Chef Peter Scaturro’s signature lasagna pizza, priced at $13.95 for the holiday, is layered with Italian sausage, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and topped with a tangy pomarola sauce. Lasagna lovers will also enjoy a discount on the classic lasagna, priced at $17.29 for the day. The house-made Italian favorite is layered with pasta, zesty meat sauce and topped with flavorful ricotta and mozzarella cheeses.

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