Super Summer Theatre and Feral Tale Theatricals Present Shrek The Musical August 6-23

Super Summer Theatre and Feral Tale Theatricals Present Shrek The Musical August 6-23
Super Summer Theatre and Feral Tale Theatricals will welcome Shrek the Musical to the stage, August 6-23 (Photo credit: Paparazzi by Appointment)

Tickets to the show, based on the 2001 blockbuster DreamWorks film, “Shrek,” and William Steig’s 1990 story, Shrek!, are now available at

Feral Tale Theatricals is no ordinary theatre company. It is a Las Vegas-based incubator of creativity with a mission to generate engaging storytelling in the Las Vegas community with a repurposing initiative and a dash of mischief. Feral Tale Theatricals cast and creative team in conjunction with Super Summer Theatre will bring to life Shrek the Musical for a limited-time engagement.

The plot revolves around Shrek, a grouchy and solitary ogre, who awakens to find his beloved swamp has been overrun by fairytale creatures who have been banished there by the fairytale-hating Lord Farquaad. When Shrek confronts Lord Farquaad and demands his land back, the two strike a deal: Lord Farquaad will return Shrek’s land, if Shrek accepts his mission to rescue Princess Fiona, who is being held against her will as she waits for her one true love.

As Shrek embarks on his quest with a very chatty donkey by his side, the two bond as they encounter grave dangers and colorful characters. Upon rescuing Princess Fiona, Shrek learns that she may not be who he thought she was, and that perhaps the real fairytale has just begun.

“The challenge is to tell a good story while tipping your hat to the iconic characters everyone knows and loves,” said Erik Ball, President and Founder of Feral Tale Theatricals and Director and Head of Theatrical Arts at Faith Lutheran High School.“This story is unique, because it’s silly, charming and engaging all at once, but at the same time, it holds a mirror up to the audience and allows us all to reflect on how our individual talents and differences make us very special indeed.” Ball encourages family members of all ages to enjoy this musical adventure.

This particular production includes original set and costume designs, a 23-foot long dragon puppet and surprises around every corner.

Performances of Shrek the Musical can be seen August 6-9, 13-16, 20-23 (show begins at 8:05 p.m.) at Super Summer Theatre at Spring Mountain Ranch. Tickets starting at $12.95 are available at or at