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Las Vegan and World’s Leading Archer Bob Markworth to Appear on ‘France’s Got Talent’

Las Vegan and World’s Leading Archer Bob Markworth to Appear on ‘France’s Got Talent’
Las Vegan Bob Markworth, who recently appeared on “America’s Got Talent,” will be participating on “France’s Got Talent” television show. The world’s leading professional archer at age 77 and his female assistant Donni Haas will depart for Paris, France, on Thursday, Sept. 4. 

Markworth on “America’s Got Talent” produced a nail-biting act with his assistant holding balloons in her mouth and in her hands as he shot them with an arrow. Introducing humor, he surprisingly removed some of her clothing. Markworth naturally takes precautions with his act but it is still very dangerous and exciting.

Famously mustachioed Markworth, a California Archery Hall of Fame inductee and a past California State Archery Champion, has been performing his spectacular bow and arrow shooting act in nightclubs, hotels, theaters, sport shows and on TV in 58 different countries around the world. Together with a beautiful partner, the duo is considered one of the world’s top variety attractions.

Markworth who has bow hunted big game on six continents is also an outdoor writer. His articles have appeared in most of the major bow hunting magazines, both foreign and domestic. He produced a 70-minute video documentary called “The Arrow Master,” which was an in-depth documentary about the sport of archery from its primitive origin to the enjoyable diverse sport it is today.