New Dating Website Gives Sugar a New Meaning

New Dating Website Gives Sugar a New Meaning
is a new dating website with a refreshing approach to finding an ideal match. The site encourages members to be candid about their financial status in order to find a companion that fits their desired lifestyle. 

The new website’s mission is to “redefine sugar” by removing the stigma associated with seeking a financially successful partner, a status that carries such stereotypes as “gold digger,” “sugar daddy” and “sugar mama.”

Natasha Zukovski, owner of Las Vegas-based Oligarch LLC, saw an opportunity to fill a void in the present online dating market. “I can recall numerous times when friends or family have complained about online dating because no one is ever honest about what they really want in a relationship,” said Zukovski. “I created so people can comfortably express that financial success is a desirable trait in a partner and not be labeled.”

Oligarch LLC selected former Nevada Republican Senator Sandra Tiffany to serve as spokeswoman because she agreed there is a need for a credible sugar dating site.

“I was pleasantly surprised to see an online dating site that openly acknowledges the need for financial honesty in relationships,” said Tiffany. “A wealthy, successful companion doesn’t have to come with the sugar daddy or mama label, and is redefining ‘sugar’ by putting the normally awkward money conversation on the table at the beginning of the relationship.”

Although browsing profiles is free of charge for all members, potential sugar daddies and sugar mamas must purchase an upgrade to engage in conversation with sugar babies. is offering a special holiday upgrade fee of $34.97 through December 31, 2014. In order to make sure members feel safe and secure, offers the option of full background checks ($50 a person) to identify them in a special category on the website., an online dating service set out to challenge the current sugar stereotypes, provides an environment in which fun and attractive men and women can connect with like-minded, successful people in order to develop a relationship on their own terms. Visit for more information.