Coin Cloud launches their second Bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas

In July 2014, Coin Cloud set up Las Vegas’ very first Bitcoin ATM, right on the Strip. As reported by, it turned out to be so popular that the company decided to launch the second one, this time at ‘Gold Spike’ coworking office also located in downtown Las Vegas.

The new automatic teller machine is made by BitAccess – a Canadian company claimed to be world’s leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturer. As of today, their ATMs have already been set up in several states around the world. The technologies employed by BitAccess enable any customer to exchange (whether purchase or sell) bitcoins within 1 minute using just a phone.

People working, staying, or just having good time at ‘Gold Spike’ coworking space or the neighboring hotel & casino of the same name will be able to access BTC exchange services using the ATM’s touch-screen 24 hours a day seven days a week. Coin Cloud have also been tactical enough to set up their new ATM conveniently near the city’s major casinos; ‘Fremont Street Experience’, the pedestrian mall and entertainment center, is also located nearby.

Chris McAlary, a Bitcoin miner, the CEO of Coin Cloud, and the owner of the ATM, is fully in charge of operating the machine. Formerly a BTC miner, McAlary says his excitement is beyond measure and he really appreciates this great opportunity to help residents and visitors of the City of Heaven quickly access Bitcoin exchange services with the help of the latest digital technologies used in the Bitcoin ATMs launched by the company.

The Las Vegas-based Coin Cloud is known to have been offering quick and easy Bitcoin exchange services to their clients for about a year already. Apart from that, they provide special solutions for customers willing to operate their own BTC ATMs. Get more details at and read Coin Cloud’s latest news on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can send them an e-mail to

As noted above, the new ATM is located at ‘Gold Spike’ coworking space. The exact address 217 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas City, Nevada. At daytime, you’re offered meals, snacks and drinks at the local bar and cafeteria, plus there arevarious games and other activities – Connect Four, shuffleboard, Jenga, cornhole, pool, four-square, board games, hopscotch, and even beer-pong to be enjoyed at the recreation facilities called ‘The Living Room’ and ‘The Backyard’. Another option for those having a slightly different understanding of recreation, would be attending massive night parties and live music nights regularly held at ‘Gold Spike’.