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These Online Poker Promotions Would be Awesome

These Online Poker Promotions Would be Awesome
During the summer of 2014, Nevada online poker sites saw record numbers thanks to promotions connected to the World Series of Poker. Since that time, numbers have continued to drop to the point that some are concerned over the future of iPoker in the state. 

Brick and mortar casinos often host elaborate promotions to bring in new customers and retain existing ones. Perhaps it is time that online poker rooms consider similar promotions. Here are three ideas for awesome online poker room promotions.

Front Row Tickets to Monday Night RAW

Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston in action
Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston in action

Photo credit: WWW, Inc.

There’s nothing like a night of live professional wrestling. It is part soap opera, part rock concert and part athletic contest. Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic show in TV history and is the company’s premier show.

A Monday Night Raw experience package would be a fantastic promotion to offer wrestling fans. Starting with front row tickets to Monday Night Raw, fans would be right where all the action happens and are guaranteed to be seen on USA Network TV.

After the show, the fans can be given backstage access to WWE superstars and Divas to take pictures, get autographs and get to know their favorite performers. Include an overnight stay at the casino hosting the promo and the package is complete.

A Night Out with the Royal Flush Girls of the World Poker Tour

Royal Flush Girl Kat Kelley
Royal Flush Girl Kat Kelley

A few years back, the World Poker Tour introduced the Royal Flush Girls to poker fans. These beautiful, intelligent and charming ladies are a favorite of both players and casual fans alike.

For fans of the World Poker Tour, a night out with the Royal Flush Girls would be an amazing promotion. Start out with dinner at a premier Vegas restaurant, followed by a night out at one of Vegas’ top clubs such as TAO, Tryst or even XS.

Odds are this promotion would take place to coincide with the Five Diamond World Poker Classic at the Bellagio, and as part of the promotion you would be entered into the Main Event of the series. This alone is worth $5,000 and could present the chance to win up to half a million in prize money.

Watch a NBA Game With Michael Jordan

Micheal Jordan
Micheal Jordan

Photo: © Erik Kabik /

If you’re a basketball fan, what bigger thrill could there be than watching an NBA game live with the greatest player of all-time. That’s right, we are talking about six-time NBA Champion Michael Jordan.

As part of this NBA Dream Experience, players would have a chance to win an evening with the legendary Michael Jordan. You’d get to hang out with MJ during an NBA game in your private skybox. Afterwards, MJ would take you around to the locker room and introduce you to the players.

This promotion is actually customizable. Is Kobe Bryant your favorite player? How about courtside seats during a L.A. Lakers game sitting behind the bench. Afterwards you get full access to the Lakers locker room complete with a meet and greet with Bryant.

Maybe you’re a Celtics fan and would prefer to hang out with Larry Bird. Maybe you’d like to spend the evening with Dr. J. This is your dream NBA experience and is customizable to your heart’s desire.