Tips for Choosing an Online Racebook

If you’ve ever used a sports book, you’ll notice similarities to a Racebook as it’s essentially a sports book that’s made just for horse racing. No longer do you have to call in your wagers or go to a casino, but now, you can also take care of it online. Before you jump in and place your bets, the following are tips for choosing a Racebook.

Check for a sign-up bonus

Many Racebooks are competing against each other to offer the best sign-up bonus, so they’ll typically offer anywhere from 50 percent and up. It’s a great thing if you can get free money just for signing up for a particular site.

Read about rebate programs

Just like a sign up bonus, online Racebooks offer rebate programs that can vary from one to the next. Depending on which one you choose, it could mean the difference between you walking away with at least some money or you coming away empty-handed. Typically, rebates start at 3 percent for straight bets and 5 percent for exotic wagers, but check the fine print to ensure you’re adhering to the guidelines before you place your bet.

Read the fine print

As previously stated, reading the fine print is incredibly important, especially if you’re going along with a promotional deal. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the online betting process and place a bet without reading all the information, but it can become a huge problem later on if you realize you had the information mixed up.

Give the software a test drive

You may love the site, but it’s not going to do you any good if you download the software and hate it. Don’t wait until you’re ready to bet to download the software, do it ahead of time and give it a test drive to make sure it’s something you’re comfortable using.

Read the reviews

You can take reviews for what they are, some of them are going to be bogus and are going to stem from people who didn’t read the rules and lost their money and/or encountered a problem because of it, while others are going to be genuine and the real-deal from those who took the time to do the research. Pay attention to reviews that seem the most genuine as well as those that have a repeated theme.

Above all, the most important aspect of gambling online is to make sure it’s legal where you live and that you’re of legal age. You don’t want to get all excited over your winnings and realize it wasn’t legal in the first place.