Marchese Photos Capture Street Portraits

Marchese Photos Capture Street Portraits
“Street Seen”
, a collection of international and domestic on-location candid portraits by Las Vegas photographer Lamar Marchese goes on display, Thursday, May 7 at the downtown BLVDS Gallery, 509 S. 7th Street (Pictured: Mark, the Boxer by Lamar Marchese

An opening artist reception is scheduled that evening from 6 to 9 pm. The exhibit, hosted by BLVDS Magazine, will continue during business hours until July 9th and is free and open to the public.

The show includes twenty 16 X 20 large format digital color prints selected from thousands of photographs Marchese has taken on his travels around the country and around the world. “Street Seen” photos were all taken on the pavement or in similar public settings and contain images from Turkey, Peru and Barbados and domestic shots from Los Angeles, New Orleans, St. Petersburg, Miami, Seattle and Birmingham.

A Las Vegas resident since 1972, Lamar Marchese was the founder and first General Manager of Nevada Public Radio, and was active during his career in cultural and civic affairs. He has now turned his creative attention from the ear to the eye, after his retirement in 2007. “Street Seen” will mark his fifth one-man show and continues with his focus on the human face and figure. He likes to photograph interesting people, with a prejudice for children, in public settings; a mix of portraiture and photo journalism, but always with an eye toward appreciating the beauty of the everyday and capturing the evocative, ephemeral moment.