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Magician Chloe Crawford impresses the “Britain’s Got Talent” Judges with an Amazing Two-Way Levitation in her Semi-Final Performance

Magician Chloe Crawford impresses the "Britain's Got Talent" Judges with an Amazing Two-Way Levitation in her Semi-Final Performance
In a spectacular performance last night on “Britain’s Got Talent 2015”, 27-year old dancer, actress and magician Chloe Crawford impressed the judges with an amazing levitation trick in which both she and her dancing partner floated in the air far above the stage (Pictured: Chloe Crawford – Photo courtesy of BGT)

Chloe received good reviews from the male judges including David Walliams and the controversial and wisecracking Simon Cowell. The crowd booed as the two female judges, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden, gave Chloe mixed reviews of her performance. Cowell said they were just jealous.

Prior to this month, Chloe’s fans knew her as a featured dancer in the adult show FANTASY at Luxor in Las Vegas and as the sexy assistant in her husband Murray SawChuck’s show, MURRAY ‘Celebrity Magician’ at Planet Hollywood.  But behind the scenes she’s been secretly rehearsing for her world debut as a magician on “Britain’s Got Talent 2015”.

In her first appearance, Chloe and a motorcycle vanished into thin air. Seconds later she reappeared on the same motorcycle in the balcony of the theater.

Chloe’s first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent 2015

Despite her talent as a magician, the British tabloids have been obsessed with the fact that Chloe posed nude for How will this revelation affect the public as they cast their votes after the semi-final show last night?