Season Champions Crowned at The Bullring on Special Night

Season Champions Crowned at The Bullring on Special Night
Scott Gafforini
now has another record at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Photo credit: Jeff Speer)

The NASCAR Super Late Models driver went from the back of the pack to second place behind 40-lap feature winner Chris Trickle to secure a record sixth season championship at the 3/8-mile paved oval on Saturday night. Gafforini broke a tie with Phil Goodwin for the most all-time track titles, while Trickle won for the second race in a row and the 24th time overall.

“That’s pretty good, considering how old I am,” said Gafforini, who had to go to his backup No. 49 car after his No. 38 had engine problems in qualifying. “I started racing go-carts in 1980, and I’m still doing it. I want to thank Dennis Rock, my family and my crew.”

Dennis Rock Jr. was leading the race on lap 13 while attempting to overtake Gafforini for the season points title when engine trouble forced him to the infield. He finished 11th in the race and 28 points behind Gafforini for the season crown.

Jason Irwin drove to his sixth NASCAR Grand American Modifieds win of the season to clinch his second track championship in a row. It was Irwin’s 34th Saturday night victory at The Bullring since 2000, moving him to sixth place all by himself ahead of Spencer Clark.

“Thanks to Chris Bray and everybody for all the hard work all year,” Irwin said.

Aaron McMorran now has a NASCAR Bombers season title to go along with his 2006 IMCA Modifieds championship after winning the 25-lap Bombers feature just ahead of Court Connell on Saturday night. He won seven races this season on his way to a hard-fought track championship.

“I was real lucky that Pete Meyer gave me a car to drive that is always fast,” McMorran said. “Court (Connell) has been an absolute pleasure this year, and we raced pretty darn clean all year. I don’t think it can get any more exciting than that on the last lap almost crashing for a championship.”

Jason Kiser is now a two-time Bullring track champion after winning the 25-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature to clinch his second consecutive season title. The Las Vegas native was all smiles after earning the championship via his sixth race victory of 2015.

“It’s been an awesome season, and I can’t ask for more than six wins in a year,” said Kiser, who now has 19 career Saturday night wins at the short track.

In the USLCI Thunder Cars division, Ian Anderson completed an undefeated season with win No. 10 on Saturday night. He also ran the table en route to the title in 2013 and was thrilled to add another Bullring title to his resume.

“I had already wrapped up the championship, so I came out here to have fun tonight,” said Anderson, who plans to race only in the Legends class in 2016. “It’s been a lot of work, and I still can’t believe how hooked up this car is. All of the hours and hours spent in the garage working on this car with my dad made us bond a lot, and I wouldn’t give that up for any award.”

Peyton Saxton won his second consecutive USLCI Legends-Pro championship and third track title overall after finishing a close second to teammate Cameron Morga in the Legends’ 25-lap feature. Morga won the Legends-Young Lions season crown, while Devin Lane took home the Legends-Semi-Pro title and Michael Todd Glazier earned his third straight Legends-Masters championship.

“I’ve got to give the championship here to my mom and dad, who’ve poured their hearts and souls into my program,” Saxton said. “It’s really great to see (Cameron Morga) get a championship here. We’re going to go to Anderson, S.C., in November and show them what the West coast has and everything we’ve learned here at The Bullring through the years.”

R.J. Smotherman continued his dominance in the USLCI O’Hanley’s Bandolero Bandits class, winning the night’s 12-lap feature to put an exclamation point on his 2015 Bullring season title. Smotherman won 11 of 13 races this season at the 3/8-mile track.

Kyle Jacks put a stamp on the USLCI O’Hanley’s Bandolero Outlaws season title by winning his sixth race of the season. It was his first season championship at The Bullring.

“I just tried to stay consistent the whole season,” Jacks said. “I really want to thank my dad for giving me an awesome car.”

The night included a 10-lap skid plate car race – won by Robert Smotherman – as well as a BMX demonstration by the Vegas BMX Stunt Show.

NEXT RACE: The Fall Classic featuring the Open Comp 150 will come to The Bullring on Oct. 24 and will feature last-chance races and feature races for NASCAR Super Late Models and Super Stocks. In addition, heats and feature races for USAC HPD Midget Series and California Mini Cups, as well as features for USLCI O’Hanley’s Bandoleros and a NASCAR Bombers “breakout race,” will also take place on the special night.

Arguably the best entertainment value in Las Vegas, race nights at The Bullring include $2 hot dogs and Coca-Cola products and $3 beers. Log on to or call 1-800-644-4444 to order tickets.

Clark County School District Night brought to you by Zero teen Fatalities Complete results 

2015 Bullring season champions

  • USLCI O’Hanley’s Bandolero Bandits: R.J. Smotherman
  • USLCI O’Hanley’s Bandolero Outlaws: Kyle Jacks
  • USLCI Thunder Cars: Ian Anderson
  • NASCAR Super Stocks: Jason Kiser
  • NASCAR Bombers: Aaron McMorran
  • USLCI Legends-Pro: Peyton Saxton
  • USLCI Legends-Semi-Pro: Devin Lane
  • USLCI Legends-Master: Michael Todd Glazier
  • USLCI Legends-Young Lions: Cameron Morga
  • NASCAR Grand American Modifieds: Jason Irwin
  • NASCAR Super Late Models: Scott Gafforini 

Sept. 26 race winners

USLCI O’Hanley’s Bandolero Bandits 12-lap feature

  1. R.J. Smotherman; 2. Brodey Warren (-2.558 seconds); 3. Ethan DeGuevara (-3.079); 4. Amilleo Thomson (-3.595); 5. Matthew Cunningham (-5.269); 6. Kyle Keller (-8 laps).

USLCI O’Hanley’s Bandolero Outlaws 12-lap feature

  1. Kyle Jacks; 2. Jacob Quartara (-2.875 seconds).

USLCI Thunder Cars 20-lap feature

  1. Ian Anderson; 2. Travis Boyle (-4.278 seconds); 3. Ron Reed (-6.173); 4. Chris Bosley (-7.679); 5. Mark Anderson (-9.930); 6. Josh Quartaro (-10.258); 7. Darin Callaway (-1 lap); 8. Doug Germano (-1 lap).

NASCAR Super Stocks 25-lap feature

  1. Jason Kiser; 2. Ryan Vargas (-.900 of a second); 3. Matt Larsen (-1.706); 4. John Spilotro (-6.965); 5. Robert Negrete (-9.247); 6. Rick Bezanson (-1 lap); 7. Phil Goodwin (DNF).

NASCAR Bombers 25-lap feature

  1. Aaron McMorran; 2. Court Connell (-.509 of a second); 3. Martin Sullins (-1.950); 4. Michael Greve (-2.384); 5. Jim Merlino (-3.193); 6. Justin Griffiths (-4.773); 7. Billy Hern (-5.055); 8. Bob Rynda (-5.408); 9. Kevin Terrell (-5.928); 10. Steve Scalzo (-6.557); 11. Gary Wyatt (-8.058); 12. J.J. Nunn (-11.989); 13. Gabril Guterrez (-1 lap); 14. Jeremy Stetzer (-5 laps); 15. Nick Nuccitelli (-5 laps); 16. Jason Merlino (-15 laps); 17. Justin Kiser (-24 laps); 18. Sam Jacks (DQ).

USLCI Legends 25-lap feature

  1. Cameron Morga; 2. Peyton Saxton (-.097 of a second); 3. Kaden Honeycutt (-1.022); 4. Ian Anderson (-3.452); 5. Randy Beddow (-4.340); 6. Ryan Eyer (-4.458); 7. Devin Lane (-4.819); 8. Matthew Barnard (-5.960); 9. Michael Todd Glazier (-7.714); 10. Gary Scheuerell (-8.084); 11. T.J. Clark (-8.276); 12. Dezel West (-8.486); 13. J.A. Junior (-9.651); 14. Brian Williams (-10.877); 15. Brian Lane (-16.258); 16. Ricky De LeRee (-1 lap); 17. Gina Tillman (-3 laps); 18. Caden Carlin (-6 laps); 19. Cheyanne Schindler (-13 laps).

NASCAR Grand American Modifieds 30-lap feature

  1. Jason Irwin; 2. Vinny Raucci Jr. (-1.814 seconds); 3. Jim Mardis (-3.356); 4. Doug Hamm (-5.886); 5. Pat Petrie (-7.955); 6. Marty DeLuca (-8.791); 7. Steven Durbin (-1:15.984); 8. Brian Reed (-1 lap).

NASCAR Super Late Models 40-lap feature

  1. Chris Trickle; 2. Scott Gafforini (-.863 of a second); 3. Steve Anderson (-2.095); 4. Kayli Barker (-8.607); 5. Lacie Price (-12.434); 6. Jason Kenzevich (-12.699); 7. Dee Cable (-16.793); 8. Donna Gunther (-10 laps); 9. Stan Mullis (-19 laps); 10. Ryan Vargas (-19 laps); 11. Dennis Rock Jr. (-28 laps); 12. John Thomson (-35 laps); 13. David Anderson (-38 laps).

Skid plate cars 10-lap feature

  1. Robert Smotherman; 2. Matt Cunningham (-21.770 seconds); 3. Don Sargent (-2 laps); 4. Gary Wyatt (-2 laps).