Original Host Sirc Michaels Returns to “Evil Dead”

Original Host Sirc Michaels Returns to "Evil Dead"
Las Vegas’ only show with a Splatter Zone is getting its original emcee back in time for the Halloween season. After a brief hiatus. Sirc Michaels, the producer and director of the show, will be returning to Evil Dead to serve as master of ceremonies. 

From the show’s opening in October of 2011 through the early part of 2014, Michaels served as the emcee of the show, garnering a reputation for outrageous audience interaction, brash humor, and a penchant for vulgarity. He took a break from emcee duties in early 2014, but now he will be returning to the show.

“I’ve always been working on Evil Dead behind the scenes,” said Michaels, “But I am excited to get back on stage and interacting with the crowds.”
Michaels was known for starting the show with a loud yell, which he says will be making the return with him. “Nothing gets the blood pumping like a primal roar,” he noted.

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