White wins Fall Classic’s Open Comp 150 at The Bullring at LVMS

White wins Fall Classic’s Open Comp 150 at The Bullring at LVMS
For the second consecutive year, California drivers reigned supreme at The Bullring’s Fall Classic at Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Photo credit: Jeff Speer).

Linny White of Fontana used a great re-start late in the 150-lap Super Late Models Open Comp 150 to power his way to the checkered flag and a $10,000 pay day. He took control of the race late after 2014 Open Comp winner Jeremy Doss was sent to the rear of the pack for spinning out White in turn two on the 130th lap.

White wins Fall Classic’s Open Comp 150 at The Bullring at LVMS
White wins Fall Classic’s Open Comp 150 at The Bullring at LVMS

Photo credit: Jeff Speer.

Doss had passed top qualifier Ryan Cansdale on the 108th lap after Cansdale dominated the first two-thirds of the feature before being hit with the penalty. Doss fought his way back to fifth, while Cansdale took fourth.

The night belonged to White, who did not have any plans to blow his five-figure check in Vegas casinos.

“I’m going to go back to the room and go to sleep, because I’m tired,” said White, who was driving in a borrowed fire suit because his was stolen earlier this year. “Man, that was intense. I lost my brakes on lap 60, and we nursed it to the end. Dustin (Ash), this is his place, and he kept trying to bully me on that re-start.

“He was tire-rubbing me, so I took off, and I think I caught him off-guard. I think that was the move of the race, honestly.”

White, who finished 1.619 seconds ahead of 55-time Bullring race winner Dustin Ash, was highly complimentary when talking about his team after the big win.

“I just had the dream team tonight, and I’m just so thankful for everybody who comes out and wrenches on this car and helps us,” he said. “I couldn’t do it without them. I’m just the dumb guy behind the wheel.”

Bakersfield, Calif., driver Eric Richardson dominated the Late Models 100 to seemingly earn a $2,500 check, but was disqualified after failing tech inspection after the race. Trevor Huddleston of Agoura Hills, Calif., who finished 1.458 seconds behind Richardson, took home the win as a result.

In the Super Stocks 50-lap feature, Bullring season champion Jason Kiser appeared to win the race after finishing .001 of a second ahead of Steve Smith, but was docked one position for going too low to pass. Smith, of San Bernardino, Calif., was all smiles in the winner’s circle.

“It was just a real loose car, and I was trying to stay out of trouble,” Smith said. “Thanks to the other two guys for taking each other out, because it put me in victory lane. I’d like to give a big shout-out to my engine builder, Steve Smith.”

After a tough Bombers season in which he was plagued by car trouble and bad luck, Utah’s Nick Nuccitelli won his first Bullring race in the 40-lap Bombers “Breakout” race. Sam Jacks was leading the race at the midway point before earning a stop-and-go penalty after breaking the 20-second barrier.

Nuccitelli was overjoyed to finally make his way to the winner’s circle.

“It’s a dream come true, and I can’t believe I’m standing here in victory lane at The Bullring,” Nuccitelli said. “I’d like to thank all my friends and family who make the two-hour drive week-in and week-out to come watch me.”

Gary Scheurell of Kingman, Ariz., pulled away late to take the 25-lap U.S. Legends feature, crossing the line .864 of a second ahead of Danny Medina. It was Scheurell’s first win at The Bullring in more than 20 years of racing.

“I’m back,” said Scheurell, who has had to deal with heart issues this year. “I’ve been racing Legend cars for 21 years, I’ve never won in Las Vegas, and we’re back. Thanks to my wife and my heart doctor ­ we’re alll good!”

Dylan Nobile of Clovis, Calif., won his fourth USAC HPD Midgets race of the season at The Bullring after finishing .118 of a second ahead of Toni Bredinger. Nobile said the 30-lap feature would be his last at the short track, as he is moving up in class in the future.

“I just hit my marks every lap,” said Nobile, who is moving up into the winged sprint car class next year. “It’s just about keeping your speed and keeping your momentum going with these cars. This is my last race here, and I will not be back, and I’ve enjoyed it very, very much.”

Faith Luther took advantage of a final-lap spinout, going from fourth to first in the 25-lap California Mini Cups feature. When leader Alex Krause and second-place Layne Hamilton locked up and spun on the final lap, they also forced third-place Austin Herzog to spin and that opened the door for Luther to hit the finish line first.

NEXT RACE ­ Saturday, Nov. 21 ­ The Bullullring’s 2015 race season comes to a close with the West Coast Short Track Championships. There will be a full night of racing that will include the SRL Spears Southwest Tour Series Championship, Lucas Oil Modifieds Championship, SRL S2 Late Models Championship and USAC HPD Midget Series Championship.

The Bullring’s concession stand offers $2 hot dogs, $2 Coca-Cola products and $3 Budweiser beer on each NASCAR Whelen All-American Series race night. For more information on all events at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, please visit www.LVMS.com and follow LVMS on Facebook and Twitter.

The Fall Classic at The Bullring Saturday, Oct. 24, results

Bandoleros combined 20-lap feature (unofficial)
1. R.J. Smotherman; 2. Kyle Jacks (-5.931 seconds); 3. Brodey Warren (-6.145); 4. Amilleo Thomson (-6.455); 5. Tyler Emond (-12.705); 6. Kayla Eschelman (-16.914); 7. Ethan Deguevara (-18.056); 8. Kabe McClenney (-18.093); 9. Court Mitchell (-19.085); 10. Alex Bartlett (-19.482); 11. Dustin Mitchell (-1 lap); 12. Christian Warren (-2 laps); 13. Haeden Plybon (DNF); 14. Nick Kanudsen (DNF).

Bombers “breakout” 40-lap feature
1. Nick Nuccitelli; 2. Jim Merlino (-.177 of a second); 3. Justin Griffiths (-1.423); 4. Michael Greve (-1.584); 5. Rob Rynda (-2.084); 6. Sam Jacks (-2.203); 7. Justin Kiser (-2.836); 8. Steve Danko (-2.929); 9. Scott Bradbury (-11.450); 10. Arlie Daniel Jr. (-13.351); 11. Billy Hern (-1 lap); 12. Jason Sullins (-10 laps); 13. Travis Boyle (DNF); 14. Mark Hodges (DNF).

Super Stocks 50-lap feature
1. Steve Smith; 2. Jason Kiser (*docked one position); 3. Joe Deguevara (-1.298 seconds); 4. Johnny Bedingfield (-1.782); 5. Robert Smotherman (-2.524); 6. Don Sargent (-3.700); 7. Sheldon Cooper (-1 lap); 8. John Spilotro (-1 lap); 9. Billy Stephens (-1 lap); 10. Adam Simon (-2 laps); 11. Thomas Suarez (-2 laps); 12. Erica Thiering (DNF); 13. Matt Larson (-3 laps); 14. Mike Nicks (DNF); 15. Rickey Bird (DNF).

U.S. Legends 25-lap feature1. Gary Scheurell; 2. Danny Medina (-.864 of a second); 3. T.J. Clark (-2.388); 4. Scotty Scott (-2.478); 5. Michael Todd Glazier (-6.917); 6. Ian Anderson (-7.062); 7. George Sheldon (-7.456); 8. Devin Lane (-7.574); 9. Kaden Honeycutt (-7.636); 10. Lawless Alan (-8.318); 11. Aubree Wartman (-9.101); 12. Zachery Witherwax (-15.568); 13. Brian Williams (-15.821); 14. Corey Seip (-16.259); 15. Brian Lane (DNF).

USAC HPD Midgets 30-lap feature
1. Dylan Nobile; 2. Toni Bredinger (-.118 of a second); 3. Ian Anderson (-3.248); 4. Annie Bredinger (-3.490); 5. George Kurtz (-4.850); 6. Jeff Kelley (-10.685); 7. Ashley Hazelton (DNF).

Late Models 100 feature
1. Trevor Huddleston; 2. Nick Joanides (-4.726 seconds); 3. Blaine Perkins (-12.489); 4. Riley Herbst (-12.575); 5. David Ross (-14.952); 6. Logan Jewell (-2 laps); 7. Lacie Price (-2 laps); 8. Bob Williams (-3 laps); 9. Cody Brown (-3 laps); 10. Lewis Martinez Jr. (DNF); 11. Donna Gunther (-6 laps); 12. Brandon Loverock (DNF); 13. Darren Midgley (-22 laps); 14. Kevin James (DNF); 15. Eric Martin (DNF); 16. Jacob Bishop (DNF); 17. Rob Kiemele (DNF); 18. Matt Frad Jr. (DNF); 19. Shaun Ross (DNF); 20. Eric Richardson (DQ); 21. Jeff Peterson (DQ).

California Mini Cups 25-lap feature
1. Faith Luther; 2. Blake Hamilton (-10.833 seconds); 3. Lawrence Massone (-13.998); 4. Austin Herzog (17.387); 5. Cameron Legue (-19.606); 6. Layne Hamilton (-1:06.819); 7. Alex Krause (DNF); 8. Autumn Kopeck (-1 lap); 9. Travis Dolter (-1 lap); 10. Rylee McKennitt (-1 lap); 11. Blaine Kopeck (DNF); 12. Tyler Emond (DNF).

NASCAR Super Late Models Open Comp 150
1. Linny White; 2. Dustin Ash (-1.619 seconds); 3. Jeff Bischofberger (-2.725); 4. Ryan Cansdale (-3.693); 5. Jeremy Doss (-3.959); 6. Jason Irwin (-4.365); 7. Wade Bland (-5.137); 8. Trevor Christiani (-5.374); 9. Preston Peltier (-6.083); 10. Jonathan Gomez (-6.746); 11. Scott Gafforini (-6.990); 12. Darrell Midgley (-8.080); 13. Alan Cress (-1 lap); 14. Stan Mullis (-1 lap); 15. Warren Knipper (-4 laps); 16. Kayli Barker (-4 laps); 17. Dennis Rock Jr. (DNF); 18. Jay Beasley (DNF); 19. Chris Trickle (DNF); 20. Dylan Lupton (DNF); 21. Justin Simonson (DNF); 22. Noah Gragson (DNF); 23. Clint Haybart (DNF); 24. Parker Stephens (DNF); 25. Chris Clyne (DNF); 26. Grant Brown (DNF).