Actress Eva Longoria Visits Shelter for Destitute Children in India

Actress Eva Longoria Visits Shelter for Destitute Children in India
Actress, businesswoman and philanthropist Eva Longoria visited Harmony House, a day-shelter for street children, in Gurgaon

Established in 2009, by British-born Lucy Bruce and her Indian husband Gaurav Sinha, Harmony House is an independent NGO that provides free education, food, clothing, medical care and vocational training for nearly 500 children in Gurgaon, near Delhi.

Based in Dubai, the Founders run the charity with the support of family and friends in Dubai and across the world. Lucy is both an entrepreneur and philanthropist and runs socially responsible pre-school education institutions, Home Grown Children’s Eco Nurseries with business partner Beverly Jatwani, where children in Dubai are paired with children in India as part of it’s CSR and Environmental mission.

Eva Longoria, who received a traditional Indian welcome at Harmony House of a garland and vermillion mark on her forehead, commented “I am so humbled to have visited Harmony House. Lucy’s vision is truly changing the trajectory of so many children’s lives, most of whom live in nearby slums and desperately require the education, food, medication and social services that Harmony House offer”

“We were lucky to have met Eva last year in Dubai, where she comes regularly to support her philanthropic initiatives, which include The Global Gift Foundation and the Eva Longoria Foundation. We became fortunate enough to have spent time with Eva, talking about our common interests to support the under-privileged and empowering those who are less fortunate through education and community support” said Lucy Bruce.

During her time at Harmony House, Eva spent time talking to the children, enjoying special performances and teaching English. Eva visited one of the homes in the slums of a young girl who attends Harmony House to learn more about her living conditions and daily struggles.

“Eva and Pepe’s genuine warmth, compassion and empathy could be felt by all of the children and staff at Harmony House. Eva’s ability to make people feel special and at total ease is truly inspiring and heartwarming to watch”.

Lucy Bruce has been recognized as one of the Top 50 most Influential British people in the UAE by Arabian Business magazine and has been a relentless voice and activist for the interests of destitute children in India. Harmony House also provides rehabilitation support for abused women and a community engagement program for people living in nearby slums.

“Eva is a wonderful person who is really down to earth; she got engaged a few days ago in Dubai and we spoke at length about her upcoming trip to India – she is passionate about helping those less fortunate and we feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to get to know her. It’s not surprising for Eva to make time for those in need and it’s a tribute to her as a person that the first place she visits in India is actually a shelter for children, as opposed to anything else” added Gaurav Sinha.

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