Jennifer Lopez presenting her special Las Vegas show

Did you know J.Lo has now her own music show she performs in Las Vegas? 

As reported by , the show called ‘Jennifer Lopez: All I Have’ started in late January at the AXIS theater at the city’s Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and will be running up until July 2016.

The worldwide renowned singer, who is in her mid-forties now, has been accompanied on stage by a number of other famous music artists singing along, like Pitbull, Ja Rule, and Ne-Yo. As described by People Magazine, in her concert show, Lopez fetches the audience with frequent costume changes, stage-holding choreographic features, visual effects and spectacular background videos, as well as trendy technical perks like performers riding hoverboards. The singer’s on-stage crew includes five musicians and sixteen backup dancers. Tickets are available at Planet Hollywood, with the prices ranging from $59 to $229.

Jennifer Lopez is not the only one to perform in Vegas this year, as there is a whole constellation of other pop, soft rock, country, and R&B stars to give their concerts, too, including Britney Spears (also at AXIS), Olivia Newton-John (at the Flamingo), Elton John and Mariah Carey (both at Caesars Palace), and Celine Dion. The latter’s shows at the Colosseum had to be canceled due to her husband’s death in mid-January, but Celine is said to have found the strength to carry on and get back on stage in a couple of weeks.