Bitcoin Payments Gaining Momentum Steadily in Las Vegas

Impossible is nothing: the cryptocurrency is getting increasingly popular as a convenient payment solution accepted in many venues of the Sin City.

All thanks to its efficient promotion over the past few years, Bitcoin has become a massively popular method of payment in Las Vegas, the world’s capital of gambling and entertainment.

Interestingly, business owners that have been bold and proactive enough to introduce Bitcoin payments alongside traditional currencies at their venues, are now enjoying an increase in customers and significant profit improvement, the best example being the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino owned by Derek Stevens. As of now, Bitcoins have been in use at these hotels’ front desks, eateries, shops, and other facilities for more than two years, and, as Stevens admits, his company “has definitely seen more business as a result”. Other Sin City’s enterprises have also been exploring the matter, and some of them found the possibilities revealed by the cryptocurrency too appealing to be put aside, especially considering the unquenchable interest of tech-savvy public towards it.

As suggested by the editor of, the choice of various Bitcoin-related opportunities for Las Vegas visitors and residents isn’t just limited to what the city’s casinos and entertainment houses have in store for them, as, through the efforts of the local BTC community, the innovative payment method has been able to reach its users via another functionality that is no less customary to them, namely Bitcoin ATMs enabling users to exchange real money into any specified amount of the virtual currency. Currently, there are as many as 11 automated BTC telling machines set up in several locations all around the City of Lights, including the first ever two-way Bitcoin ATM launched early this year in South Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, you can even find a Mike Tyson’s signature cryptocurrency telling machine that was actually unveiled by the famous boxing star himself.

All this admits to only one equation: the arrival of Bitcoin to the America’s and the world’s gambling capital was simply inevitable. New technologies change our perception of the world around, and, in passing, they drastically influence the way we’ve been doing certain things. The gambling industry is millennia old, with real money having been the principal settlement method in it all along. Now, in the days when the present meets the future, it’s time for the moss-grown traditions to give place to modern efficient solutions, and, as far as land-based gambling is concerned, there couldn’t have been any better place to host the technological shift in the industry than Las Vegas.

In the era when virtual solutions start prevailing over real life, players tend to abandon onsite casinos for Internet gambling portals, and this situation may be rather frustrating for old-school businesses. Bitcoin undoubtedly serves as a life-saving solution for the latter, enabling them to revive people’s interest towards the classical gambling and its ‘outposts’. It’s really hard to imagine Las Vegas will ever be buried in oblivion, but, as long as Bitcoin is a greatly convenient and efficient payment solution, why not take advantage of this sophisticated modern technique to prop up the great gambling paradise and bring it up to date.