“Spam King” Sanford Wallace Goes to Prison Today; Watch “The Vegas Take’s” Exclusive Interview with him!

"Spam King" Sanford Wallace Goes to Prison Today; Watch "The Vegas Take's" Exclusive Interview with him!
The “Spam King” Sanford Wallace
begins his prison sentence today, September 7, 2016. He’s been sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for electronic mail fraud and criminal contempt of court. Mike Hammer and Brian Shapiro of The Vegas Take have provided VegasNews.com with an exclusive video interview with Sanford Wallace. Sanford has turned down all other interview requests for the past 10 years (Pictured: Sanford Wallace with The Vegas Take hosts Mike Hammer and Brian Shapiro)

The Vegas Take Interviews The “Spam King” Sanford Wallace
Video credit: The Vegas Take
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Mike Hammer and Brian Shapiro hosted this one and only interview with the Spam King, Sanford Wallace, just before he was scheduled to leave for prison. Sanford talks about the FBI coming after him, how he made millions of dollars, gambling as a high-roller in Las Vegas, what he thinks of Hillary Clinton’s email situation and much more.

Sanford Wallace, a.k.a the original “Spam King” had numerous run-ins with the government from his ongoing email spams most notoriously through Facebook and MySpace. Sanford sent out millions of email messages to users which lead to arrests by the FBI.

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