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Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Welcomes Winter with Shimmering Wonderland

Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens will welcome winter with a spectacular holiday display rich in nostalgia and filled with picture-perfect botanical creations December 6 through January 2, 2010. Among other charming holiday tableaus, visitors will discover flying reindeer made of pecans and a living holiday card bestowing season’s tidings. In the center of it all, a spectacular holiday tree will send gazes soaring while musical sounds of the season will evoke fond memories of home.

A polar bear family, adorned with coats of white carnations, will tug on the heartstrings of visitors young and old. The delightful trio, set in a wintry clearing, will be seen enjoying a moment of family togetherness. The baby bear will frolic playfully on his back while mama and papa bear watch with affection. The topiary bears’ ‘fur,’ made of 34,000 white carnations, will be carefully hand-applied by Bellagio horticulturists and kept fresh by a specially designed water drip system.

Just steps away, eight reindeer will be captured in mid-flight as they guide a present-filled, red-lacquer sleigh into a snowy sky. Each majestic reindeer will be made of 110 pounds of whole pecans and will wear a brilliant collar of cranberry-red, dried botanicals. The reindeer will appear to soar over a giant, living holiday card comprised of thousands of blooming florals.

The inspiring centerpiece of this beautiful exhibit will be a stately 42-foot Shasta Fir ablaze in thousands of twinkling lights and encircled by oversized holiday ornaments that will appear to float in mid-air. Standing at attention around the majestic holiday tree’s base will be four grand toy soldiers, each a commanding 15 feet tall.

Nearby, a 7-foot-tall, custom-sculpted rocking horse will stand in the midst of a whimsical rail display featuring a working Bellagio-emblazoned train, all calling to mind gifts of yesteryear. In another corner of this elaborate wintry display, visitors will discover a flower-clad snowman surrounded by giant 13-foot-tall peppermint sticks.

Guests are invited to enjoy the delights of this winter wonderland from December 6 through January 2, 2010.

Holiday Exhibit Fast Facts:

The Flying Reindeer is covered with 660 pounds of pecans

  • six stationary reindeer, each comprised of 110 pounds of whole pecans

Polar bears: covered with 34,000 hand-applied, white carnations

  • Father bear: 18,000 flowers
  • Mother bear: 10,000 flowers
  • Baby bear: 6,000 flowers

Holiday tree

  • 45-foot Shasta Fir from Mt. Shasta, Calif.
  • 6- to 18-foot red, pink and silver ornaments adorn the tree

Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens’ 2010 Calendar

  • Chinese New Year Exhibit: January 10 – February 28
  • Spring Celebration: March 7 – May 9
  • Summer Garden Party: May 16 – September 12
  • Harvest Show: September 19 – November 29
  • Holiday Display: December 5 – January 4, 2011