Sexy Modern Dance Show “Reverie” opens at Bally’s Hotel & Casino

Sexy Modern Dance Show "Reverie" opens at Bally's Hotel & Casino
The new lounge show Reverie by Gar Entertainment is a huge hit at Bally’s Hotel & Casino – Indigo Lounge. The show, produced by owner and performer Genise Ruidiaz combines the old school vibe of amazing lounge shows with the modern and interactive sexy allure of modern dance and performance to some classic legendary songs. 

Reverie is performed every Sunday from 10pm to midnight. The show is complimentary with a different show set every 20 minutes featuring some of the most beautiful and talented dancers and singers in Las Vegas.

Founder and CEO Genise A. Ruidiaz, a Miami native, started her professional career here in Las Vegas with Cirque Du Soleil in ‘The Beatles Love Show’. Since that time, Genise has appeared with some of America’s biggest names such as Mark Anthony, Wayne Brady, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, just to name a few. (Any chance you remember Nicki Minaj’s dancer that got bit by a snake during the VMA’s? That was Genise!) While she found herself dancing on Hollywood shows such as the VMA’s, American Idol, Premios, Glee, and True Blood rewarding, she could not stay away from Las Vegas.

She made her Vegas return as an original cast member of Steve Wynn’s Showstoppers. When it was announced the show would close its doors in December of 2016, she chose to view it as an opening window. There would never come a better time to fulfill the dream of producing her own shows, and GAR Entertainment was born.

Genise has over 25 years of dancing experience in all different styles which is reflected in her choreography. Reverie was put together with the mindset of appealing to all audiences. There is Jazz, Rock n Roll, Blues, Pop and R&B, and audiences are guaranteed to fall in love with her exceptionally skilled dancers. With beautiful bodies, incredible dance moves and seductive costumes set to high energy music – what’s not to love?

Come and see for yourself! Reverie — the place to get lost in the music and dancing every Sunday night at Indigo by Drais in Bally’s. Curtain rises at 10 p.m.

The current cast for Reverie is Genise Ruidiaz, Ivenise Ruidiaz, Candace Trasoras, Joli Irvine, Alexi Irvine, Maren Wade, Marquis Cunningham, Drew Reese and John Marr.