Family Friendly Fast Food from The Flame Broiler

Family Friendly Fast Food from The Flame Broiler
The Flame Broiler
is a nationally recognized dining concept known for serving simple, healthy and delicious rice bowls while on the go. Founded in Fullerton, CA in 1995, The Flame Broiler is a quick-service restaurant franchise that is loyal to its tradition of serving healthy fast food at an affordable price point (Pictured: The Flame Broiler Family Meal)

Its menu consists of steamed brown or white rice, Angus beef, organic tofu and all-natural chicken, with freshly blanched vegetables. Additionally, the concept uses no dairy, trans-fat, skin, fryers or HFCS.

For an added flavor kick, fans can top their bowls off with its proprietary hot sauce made with cayenne peppers or their Korean BBQ inspired Magic Sauce. Their bowls start at only 140 calories and because guests can customize their bowls – it is the perfect option to grab on-the-go for those that didn’t’ have time to prepare a meal of their own. Additionally, it comes at an affordable cost and is perfect for families! Kids and adults alike will benefit from the healthy options prepared simply.

The Flame Broiler has grown to more than 186 restaurants throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma and Florida, and is projected to hit 200 locations by the close of 2017. The first Nevada shop opened last year, and is located at 651 North Rainbow Blvd., Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89107.

The Flame Broiler originated when Founder/CEO Young Lee decided to rectify his poor eating habits that were causing sores, lesions, and sickness in his body. It is now Lee’s mission to deliver healthy fast food that is both affordable and convenient, working to improve the overall quality of life for his guests.

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