International Comedy Smash Hit the Miss Behave Gameshow Opening at Bally’s Las Vegas Friday, July 7

International Comedy Smash Hit the Miss Behave Gameshow Opening at Bally’s Las Vegas Friday, July 7
Grab onto your golden, sequined coat tails and hold tight because the wonderfully chaotic world of The Miss Behave Gameshow, the greatest night out you never even knew you wanted, is coming to the Las Vegas Strip (Photo credit: Dan Goven)

This fast, feverish, frantic, frenetic, frenzied and just down right f***ing fun night of entertainment that will kick the dust off variety for good, opens at the recently-converted Back Room at Bally’s Las Vegas Friday, July 7.

Changing lives one game at a time in a show with no rules and where everyone’s a winner, The Miss Behave Gameshow is a one-stop-shop of an evening which will bring out the best and worst in us all with a host of prizes and variety acts – both occasionally of questionable quality – thrown in for good measure. This international comedy hit will entice audiences to step out of their comfort zone and immerse themselves into the sinful world before them. Guests will be pitted against other audience members in a series of challenges, some involving their phones.

In a world where no one can spend three seconds away from swiping, calling, playing or tweeting comes a show where you need your phone. Tweet, text, call – The Miss Behave Gameshow is all about getting interactive on the audience’s terms. Except there are no terms, or rules – it’s the most anarchic playtime out there.

Miss Behave is your host for the night aided and abetted by her glamorous assistant Tiffany (Bret Pfister). Both starred in the Olivier Award-winning smash hits “La Clique” and “La Soiree.” Two digital tribes – iPhones versus others – battle it out to win something, nothing, or maybe a TV. There are no rules. Just games. Come and play and get your team to the top of the pile. Games include Dial My Number Quickest, The Laid Lottery, Sit on a Seat and See What Happens, Shazam That Riff, Porn I’ll Admit To and Smash a Phone.


The Miss Behave Gameshow performs Wednesday through Sunday at 8 p.m. with doors opening at 7 p.m. Tickets are $49.99, plus applicable tax and fees. To purchase tickets and for additional information, please visit