The Mob Museum Unveils New Artifacts Tied to Al Capone; Key Evidence and Records from Famous T-Men Case Now on Display

The Mob Museum Unveils New Artifacts Tied to Al Capone; Key Evidence and Records from Famous T-Men Case Now on Display
The Mob Museum
, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement has unveiled new artifacts highlighting the law enforcement work of the famous T-Men, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Special Intelligence Unit (Pictured: Treasury Department Agent Mike Malone’s Handcuffs – Photo Courtesy of The Mob Museum) 

The collection, an expansion of the popular “Follow the Money” exhibit, showcases key artifacts from the highly publicized trial of Al Capone, including the final memo detailing the case against the notorious mobster.

The pieces can now be viewed on the Museum’s third floor.

Legendary T-Men agent Mike Malone and the director of the Special Intelligence Unit, Elmer Irey, were key players in multiple high-profile criminal cases. In April of 2015, The Mob Museum unveiled an exhibit honoring the men’s achievements and the work of the Special Intelligence Unit.

The original exhibit, “Follow the Money,” features letters, photographs, documents and one-of-a-kind historic objects from the men and their families. The newly added artifacts offer a further glimpse into the fascinating T-Men investigations that brought down some of the country’s most nefarious criminals.

The updated “Follow the Money” exhibit includes:

  • NEW: Final memo on Capone case ­ original 60-page document detailing the tax evasion case against Al Capone
  • NEW: Mike Malone’s handwritten notes from the Al Capone trial
  • NEW: Mike Malone’s handcuffs

Also included in the exhibit:

  • Elmer Irey’s agency credentials
  • Malone’s Smith & Wesson revolver
  • President Franklin Roosevelt’s personal letter of praise to Irey
  • A personal letter of gratitude from Charles Lindbergh for the Intelligence Unit’s efforts to track down his child’s kidnappers
  • The cigar ashtray from the Intelligence Unit’s New York City office
  • A copy of the Washington Evening Star newspaper honoring Irey’s retirement
  • The new artifacts are now permanently on display in the “Follow the Money” exhibit.
  • Photos of the new artifacts can be found here.

Admission is $23.95 for adults ages 18 and over with special pricing for online purchase, children, seniors, military, law enforcement, Nevada residents, and teachers. The Museum is open daily; visit the website for up-to-date operating hours. For more information, call (702) 229-2734or visit Connect on Facebook at or Twitter @themobmuseum.