Bitcoin at Las Vegas Casinos and Online Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin at Las Vegas Casinos and Online Bitcoin Casinos
Remember when you had to put coins inside of a slot machine in a casino, and then scoop those coins up and put them in a bucket when you hit it big? Fortunately, casinos have changed since that time, and they continue to evolve in an effort to attract more and more people. The latest evolution has to do with the Bitcoin, both in Las Vegas casinos and online (Pictured: The D Casino Hotel was the first Las Vegas casino to accept Bitcoin).  

It makes sense, as the Bitcoin is the hot new currency, and it has even turned some savvy investors into millionaires. Tons of people have Bitcoins they want to spend, and allowing them to use it at casinos is a smart business move. Before you get in on this emerging trend, it is important to know what to expect with Bitcoin gambling.

Bitcoins in Vegas

Las Vegas has no shortage of eager gamblers, but smart casino owners know they have to keep an eye out for the next big thing in order to keep those people coming through their doors. With that in mind, the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel and the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino have both started accepting Bitcoins, and many believe that others will soon follow suit in an effort to keep up with the changing times.

While gamblers cannot transfer funds from and to their Bitcoin wallets at the casino table, they can use Bitcoins at the front desk, gift shop, and other places inside of the casino. In addition, the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel has a Bitcoin ATM inside of the casino. Players can use the ATM to deposit Bitcoins into their virtual wallets. They can also exchange their existing Bitcoins for cash at the ATM. Then, they can use that money to gamble. This is currently the closest thing to gambling with Bitcoins inside of a casino, and it has lots of people excited.

Online Bitcoin Casinos

If you have Bitcoins burning a hole in your virtual wallet, you don’t have to travel all the way to Vegas to spend them. Online Bitcoin casinos are also growing in popularity, so you can play with some of your Bitcoins without leaving home.

Bitcoin casinos typically offer a wide range of gaming options, and some even include sports books. Slots are among the most popular, and most online Bitcoin casinos have a wide variety of slots. People also enjoy table games, especially the live games. These highly social games make players feel as if they are in a real casino, even as they are snuggled up in bed, playing on their laptops.

Online Bitcoin casinos have some serious advantages over cash casinos. First, they offer faster payouts than many of the cash casinos, with Bitcoins hitting virtual wallets in as little as a day. In addition, most have better odds due to the lower overhead. Unlike bank transfers, Bitcoin transfers are free, so casinos pass the savings onto customers by increasing the odds.

Most importantly, the games at Bitcoin casinos are provably fair, all thanks to the cryptographic hash technology that is included with the Bitcoin. Essentially, players can use this technology to track the outcomes of games to ensure that they’ve been decided randomly, without interference from the casino or any other player. That means that players know they are getting a fair shake when they play at these casinos.

Technology is making gambling more exciting than ever, both in the physical and online worlds. As a rule, always do your research before choosing an online casino so you get one with good payouts and fair odds. If you do that, you are certain to have some fun betting with Bitcoins.