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Las Vegas Carnival Scheduled for May 1, 2010

Las Vegas Carnival, Inc, a USA / Trinidad based operation, announced today that its inaugural staging of its planned annual carnival event in Las Vegas will occur on May 1st, 2010. Inspired by the rich and colorful history of carnivals held in Trinidad, Rio de Janeiro and dozens of other cities around the world, this event will combine the best elements of each of these carnivals.

The carnival festivities shall be preceded by a series of several exclusive parties (fêtes) at various nightclubs and other venues in Las Vegas, along with various shows related to the celebration, culminating with a major all-day concert/music festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway called the “SocaFest.” The company is currently in discussions with potential broadcast partners (based on the widest reach to a worldwide audience) and will also be producing DVDs and CDs that will showcase the highlights of the concert and other carnival events.

Las Vegas Carnival has partnered with several corporations, media and talent agencies and is working with governmental agencies in Las Vegas to secure the participation of some of the world’s leading partners/sponsors whose brands align with the high energy and spirit of Carnival.

Plans are currently under way for the official Las Vegas Carnival 2010 launch parties in Las Vegas and in Trinidad, which are both expected to be celebrity-studded affairs with live performances from some of the most recognizable acts.

Those interested in participating as masqueraders in the carnival can soon purchase costumes via one of the company’s websites and be part of the televised spectacle of thousands of masqueraders in colorful costumes in the world’s most vibrant city, visited by over 40 million tourists every year, making it the undisputed “Entertainment Capital” of the world. At the SocaFest there will be a “Carnival Village” and Food Festival of diverse international cuisine. Carnival Packages will also be offered along with air travel, hotel accommodations, access to fêtes, shows and the concert.