Southern Nevada’s Highest Ranking Club Volleyball Team, “Vegas Aces”, to Debut the City’s First Training Center

Southern Nevada’s Highest Ranking Club Volleyball Team, "Vegas Aces", to Debut the City’s First Training Center
Southern Nevada’s first dedicated volleyball facility, Vegas Aces Training Centre, will officially open this fall. This first-of-its-kind facility in the region will attract girls from across the valley to play volleyball at its highest level, training them to be competitive in the national arena (Photo credit: Vegas Aces)

"Vegas Aces" Debut the City’s First Training Center
“Vegas Aces” Debut the City’s First Training Center

On Saturday, Oct. 21, aspiring players and their families will be invited to attend the official grand opening for the new home for the Vegas Aces Volleyball Club. The grand opening will include dignitaries such as Henderson Mayor Deborah March. Event details will be announced later this month.

"Vegas Aces" Debut the City’s First Training Center
“Vegas Aces” Debut the City’s First Training Center

“After founding Vegas Aces in 2015 and traveling the country for tournaments, we realized middle school players were at a disadvantage. Without a dedicated facility and program, the girls were starting the sport years after their competitors,” says Brian Edgeworth, co-founder, Vegas Aces. “With this new facility and its dedicated staff and training opportunities, Southern Nevada girls now have an incredible foundation for a promising future in competitive volleyball at the high school and university level.”

Despite lacking a dedicated training facility until now, the Vegas Aces Volleyball Club has nonetheless amassed impressive accolades and rankings, further underscoring the club’s burgeoning potential (please note, for example, 12U means for ages “12 and under”):

  • Of their five teams, four 12U, 13U, 14U and 15U are ranked in the top 10 in Southern California.
  • In its first year in 2015, Vegas Aces took their 12s team to Nationals.
  • In 2016, the club took two teams, 12U and 13U, to Junior Nationals in Indianapolis. That year, the 13s team won the silver medal.
  • This year, the club achieved an unprecedented milestone sending four teams, 12U, 13U, 14U and 15U, to Junior Nationals in Minneapolis.

“This club’s philosophy is to immerse serious volleyball student athletes into positive teaching environments where they can reach their maximum potential,” says Coach Ruben Herrera, Vegas Aces. “Our dedicated staff builds character and team unity while mentoring girls into exceptional athletes.”

Construction for the 2-story facility began in October 2016. It features 28-foot-high ceilings with three courts on the first floor, dedicated viewing areas for guests from the second floor balcony and office space. The court features the same padded faux wood floors used at the Beijing Olympics. The space is open daily to players of all ages to practice, train and attend clinics with staff dedicated to educating athletes in a multitude of areas. Currently, Vegas Aces’ after-school program is the only one its kind for girls 14 and under to play club volleyball.

The building will be open daily for guests and families to watch practices and games.

Upcoming notable dates include:

  • Saturday, Oct. 14 through Monday, Oct. 16: tryouts for girls ages 10 through 14 and under.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 1: practice begins for 14U.
  • Saturday, Nov. 4 through Tuesday, Nov. 7: tryouts for girls ages 15U.
  • Sunday, Nov. 12 through Wednesday, Nov. 15: tryouts for girls ages 18 through 16 and under.
  • Monday, Nov. 20: practice begins for 18U.

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