“The Tom Green Show” Coming to Bally’s Las Vegas Beginning Sunday, October 29

“The Tom Green Show” Coming to Bally’s Las Vegas Beginning Sunday, October 29
Comedian Tom Green will bring his unique brand of onstage hilarity to Las Vegas with “The Tom Green Show” opening in the Back Room at Bally’s Las Vegas Sunday, Oct. 29. 

Tom is well-known as the hilarious TV talk-show trickster, “anything goes” film actor, and interactive internet pioneer, but his roots as a thoroughly unique stand-up comedian run wild and deep. In the past few years, the innovative, willfully off-the-wall performer has reinvented and reinvigorated himself with live comedy gigs across the globe as the lunatic sage of the digital era.

Now, he brings his show to Las Vegas, where he will incorporate video, music and special guests. Let the party begin!

Sharp, funny, and provocative in concert, Tom reels off a stream of hilarious insights about the ways technology has changed us all since the turn of the century — a wealth of observational humor that could never have existed before the rise of computers, the web and social media.

With his cynical, finely-tuned rants about the etiquette and evolutionary dangers of texting, the pitfalls of Facebook, the death of privacy and the slippery slope of digital camera convenience, Tom picks up the satirical, profane torch once borne by Bill Hicks and updates the cynically nutty view of society that fueled George Carlin’s classic routines. The subjects can be raw — drugs, suicide, war and pornography — and they can be topical — the economy, politics, and the strange ascent of his former employer on TV’s “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Donald Trump.

Tom also deals with the pitfalls of celebrity, a topic he knows all too well, as well as his battle with cancer and the reality of being in his mid-40s without having had children. He finds the laughs in all of the above.

If Tom’s occasional explosions of righteous anger recall the howl of Sam Kinison, they are leavened by his sometimes wistful recollections of a simpler time when he was growing up suburban in the last days of the Cold War. As frenetic as Tom can get, his genial, impish side continues to pop in and out during his set, insuring that the crowd is on his side. And, of course, he delights in occasional, absurd interaction with his audience. As Tom has honed his material on national and international tours of theaters and comedy clubs, his fans have come to see someone who has gone beyond his movie roles and video persona while still staying true to the hilarity and anarchy that first brought him fame. And those fans have been right in tune with their trailblazing hero as he wins new admirers with his wit, energy and range.

The show is produced by UD Factory in conjunction with Tadross Media Group, who are also jointly producing another show in the Back Room at Bally’s Las Vegas, The Miss Behave Gameshow, performing Wednesday through Sunday at 8 p.m.

“The Tom Green Show” performs Sunday through Wednesday at 10 p.m. beginning Sunday, Oct. 29, with an additional midnight show on Sundays. Tickets are $39, $59 and $79, with a meet-and-greet package available for $99, plus applicable tax and fees, and go on sale Saturday, Sept. 30 at 10 a.m. PST. To purchase tickets and for additional information, please visit TomGreenVegas.com.