The Greatest Casino Heists in the History of Las Vegas and Some Other Cities

The Greatest Casino Heists in the History of Las Vegas and Some Other Cities
The history of the whole gambling industry witnessed many robberies. Some of them were “gravitas”, some – embarrassing, and some even funny. Many of those robberies were retained in people’s memory and now are handed down. Each robbery is considered a huge happening in the gambling industry and attracts public attention. 

It’s quite hard to find any information about robberies, which took place in Las Vegas casinos. The administration of each facility takes care about casino reputation and cannot let any information get leaked into mass media. This is why casino clients believe, that it’s impossible for fraudsters to enter the casino. In truth, minor casinos are twice more subjected to robberies than huge ones. However, real money online casinos are protected from such kind of incidents, as players make bets remotely. Huge casinos are very well protected, but, nevertheless, they sometimes get robbed. So, what famous robberies made gambling history?

This article will tell you about the most interesting cases, which took place in Las Vegas casinos as well as in some other cities.

  1. Circus Circus (1993)

Circus Circus is a casino-hotel, situated in the Las Vegas boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It’s considered to be one of the largest entertainment complexes in Las Vegas. The casino-hotel belongs to “MGM Mirage” corporation. The hotel itself is equipped with 3773 suites with overall territory of 9392 m² (which makes it the 13th largest hotel in the world). The main attraction for tourists and players in “Circus Circus” is circus actually, as it’s obvious from the name. But we’ve got off the subject. Let’s get back in 1993.

Heather Tolchief together with Robert Solis literally drove into the casino complex. The robbers packed $2,500,000 and disappeared. Later it turned out, that they headed for Cayman Islands. Roberto left Heather with a baby and only $1000. Heather Tolchief had been hiding from the police for 13 years and then decided to tell about the robbery to the authorities. She insisted that it was Roberto who hypnotized her and made do this.

  1. Stardust (1992)

Back in 1992 a certain Bill Brenan was employed as a dealer at Stardust Resort & Casino. One day he broke off for lunch and managed to smuggle $500,000 past the securities. Moreover, he took some chips that he had hidden in his pockets. No one has heard of him since.

  1. A brazen robbery of Hilton Casino (2008)

Two blocks away from Las Vegas Strip one of the most brazen robberies took place. Two robbers in motorcycle helmets entered Hilton hotel casino and took out their guns. It took them only 45 seconds to commit the robbery. But it was enough for robbers to take money and chips worth $500,000.

  1. MIT Blackjack Team (1980)

Up until now it’s disputed whether the MIT Blackjack Team counters’ activity was illegal or not? MIT Blackjack Team was not only famous within gambling facilities. The movie 21 was dedicated to this team. These players used a sophisticated card accounting system, which let them win huge money. MIT Blackjack Team used to rob casinos in early 80s; then it broke up, but some players continued to play on their own.

You can also watch this video to get more info:

Breaking Vegas Documentary: The True Story
of The MIT Blackjack Team

  1. Jose Vigoa – the robber (1998-2000)

“In my world, I see only prey and predators. I’m the predator and Vegas is my prey” – that’s what Jose Vigoa said. He is considered to be one of the most notorious robbers in the history of the US. Within only 6 months he managed to rob a lot of gambling halls in Nevada. He was caught on the attempt to rob famous Bellagio casino. Now he is in jail, where he’s serving whole life tariffs.

  1. Mandala Bay (2005)

On March 11, 2005, two men entered the exchange box in Mandalay Bay hotel casino. Some time later they left, got into their car and disappeared with a huge sum in cash. It’s still a mystery how they managed to escape unnoticed.

  1. Treasure Island (2000)

In 2000 an armed man rushed into the central cashier of Treasure Island casino. He hit the cashkeeper with his gun, before actually convicting the robbery. The bandit was caught several weeks after. He was also blamed for the similar robbery in 1997. By coincidence, it was the same cashier as it had been in 1997, so he managed to remember the robber.

  1. Palace Station (2009)

Palace Station casino was robbed by a man with a semi-automatic rifle. This man had an accomplice, who helped him to take all the money. It’s still uncertain whether it was $36,000 or $ 1,000,000 on roulette and video slots that the robber managed to take with him.

  1. Bertha’s (1981)

This is an example of an unfortunate robbery. However, it deserves to enter this rating. As the result of the robbery attempt, Frank Cullotta, Laurence Newmann, Wayne Matecki, Ernie Davino and Leo Guardino were arrested.

  1. O. J. Simpson (2007)

In 2007 the American football star – O. J. Simpson – broke into the hotel suit of the sports trophies’ completist used to dwell. Simpson demanded the return of all his cups. He also had a gun. Thus, Simpson was accused on 12 counts. Today he’s serving a sentence in Lovelock Correctional Center. The court of Las Vegas sentenced the former sports star to 33 years of jail.