Chinese New Year 24×53 Foot Dragon at The Shops at Crystals

Chinese New Year 24x53 Foot Dragon at The Shops at Crystals
This year, CityCenter is celebrating with a massive, custom-made gold dragon that will be at the center through the holiday. Standing at 24 feet tall and 53 feet long, weighing more than 3,000 pounds and illuminated by more than 100,000 LED light points, The Shops at Crystals’ beautiful gold dragon will be a stunning addition to the center’s décor. 

Incredibly, the dragon was shipped to the United States as one built piece with no further building necessary! The gold dragon will be on display from now through March 1 to honor Chinese New Year.

Additionally, Shoppers and guests are also invited to celebrate The Year of the Dog with a grand Lion Dance performed by the esteemed Yau Kung Moon. The Lion Dance, held Saturday, Feb. 17 from 12-1:30 pm, will parade through the center and pause at more than 40 participating luxury retailers. The retailers will then “feed” the lion, ensuring good luck, good health and good fortune in the coming year.’

Finally, a traditional blessing by Bhante Sujatha, a Monk from Blue Lotus Las Vegas, will take place on Thursday, Feb. 15 in a private celebration to kick-off The Shops at Crystals’ Chinese New Year celebration and events.