Launches “Boxed Up” Premium Service and Loyalty Program Launches "Boxed Up" Premium Service and Loyalty Program
, the e-commerce site, which sells grocery, wine, and home products in bulk, just announced the rollout of a premium service called Boxed Up, which offers member perks including 2% cash rewards, free priority shipping, and exclusive access to special promotions. 

Boxed Up members also enjoy VIP customer service and price-matching for competitors. Boxed Up costs $49/year with a 30-day free trial. Launches "Boxed Up" Premium Service and Loyalty Program Launches “Boxed Up” Premium Service and Loyalty Program

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What is Boxed Up?

Boxed Up is a new premium service and loyalty program, offering perks including free priority shipping, 2% cash rewards, and exclusive access to special promotions and gifts. Boxed Up members also enjoy price-matching for competitors and VIP customer service. Boxed Up costs $49/year with a 30-day free trial.

Why did we decide to roll this out now?

Boxed Up is the premium service that our customers have been asking for: they’re looking for deeper discounts and unique promotions, and are willing to pay more to access them. So, we decided to roll out a premium service that rewards loyal customers with perks and promotions for shopping on Boxed.

How is this different from traditional service on Boxed?

One of the main differences between the two services is shipping: Boxed customers enjoy free two-day shipping on orders over $49, while Boxed Up offers free priority shipping on all orders. Further, only Boxed Up offers rewards, gifts and 2% cash back for those signed up.

Any specific promotions/gifts?

In addition to perks like free priority shipping, deals on Boxed Hotels, and other great discounts on Boxed services, we’re working with partners like Keurig, Pepsi and Kraft to offer great promotions on well-loved products. We’ll also give away big-ticket prizes like Vitamixes, Keurigs, Dyson fans and more.

Here are some exclusive offers and discounts that are currently available for Boxed Up members:

  • Extra giveaway entries to win a free Vitamix, Keurig or Dyson fan
  • 15% off new Prince & Spring products
  • 25% off Capri Sun
  • 25% off LIFEWTR
  • 25% off Starbucks Cold Brew

How do the cash rewards work?

Customers can earn 2% on every order and they can apply their balance to any order.

Will customers still be able to shop on Boxed without joining Boxed Up?

Yes! Customers can shop at Boxed without signing up for Boxed Up. Boxed will remain free to use. We designed Boxed Up to be additive to the current Boxed experience, an opt-in membership for loyal customers who want added benefits.

Is Boxed Up available for both consumers and businesses?

Yes! Boxed Up is available for both B2C and B2B customers: both individual consumers and businesses that shop on Boxed can join Boxed Up.

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