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Meet Ezekiel, The 2-Year-Old Iron Man From Las Vegas

Meet Ezekiel, The 2-Year-Old Iron Man From Las Vegas
With Iron Man coming back to the big screen this weekend in Avengers: Infinity War, Las Vegas’ Children’s Heart Foundation wants you to meet Ezekiel, the organization’s 2-year-old miracle Iron Man! (Photo credit: Edison Graff / Stardust Fallout) 

This little man was born with two thirds of his heart and part of his liver and intestines on the outside of his body.  With no sternum and five surgeries under his tiny belt, his heart visibly beats and his scars make him a mini Tony Stark.

Ezekiel, The 2-Year-Old Iron Man From Las Vegas
Ezekiel, The 2-Year-Old Iron Man From Las Vegas

Photo credit: Edison Graff / Stardust Fallout

He has to wear chest protection to keep his tiny heart safe from the trouble a 2-year-old toddler can get into and was recently outfitted with a specially-designed plate.  His family chose to have it painted as Iron Man to help Ezekiel identify that his heart condition is what makes him braver, not weaker. Like Iron Man, a fragile heart is what makes him stronger and a true super hero.  With only 1 in 120,000 children diagnosed with this rare condition (Pentalogy of Cantrell) and less than five percent of those surviving, Ezekiel is a real life Iron Man.

We thought it only suiting to do a photoshoot with this amazing heart superhero on Las Vegas’ own Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. today in the Iron Man room.

If little Ezekiel’s story moves you, be a big heart supporting a little heart at the Children’s Heart Foundation in Nevada (