Andre’s Bistro & Bar to Launch New Afternoon Tea Program

Andre's Bistro & Bar to Launch New Afternoon Tea Program
Beginning Saturday, June 2, Andre’s Bistro & Bar elevates its dining experience with the launch of an afternoon tea program available every Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 4:30 p.m. Andre’s take on high tea is a welcomed complement to the bistro’s modern French cuisine and features a delightful assortment of tea, sandwiches, classic pastries and desserts. 

The experience is priced at $26 per adult and $15 per child.

“The custom of afternoon tea, a longstanding tradition in England, is experiencing a rebirth while bringing people together to celebrate tea with style and substance,” says Joseph Marsco, managing partner, Andre’s Bistro & Bar.

The traditional English afternoon event is highlighted by an array of teas including English and Chinese teas.

Guests can enjoy from the below tea selections:

7 Cups Loose Leaf Teas – Organic Artisan Chinese Teas

  • Organic Green Tea – Tai Ping Hou Kui: a gentle floral aroma and a fresh taste with distinctive notes of bamboo leaf.
  • Old Tree Yunnan – Lao Shu Dian Hong: a golden color and a unique wild flower aroma with a sweet, light body and complex finish.
  • Rock Wulong Tea – Rou Gui: complex flavors and a patient delivery of many infusions making it a great choice as an everyday tea.
  • Decaffeinated Herbal Tea – Eight Treasures: formulated by a highly-regarded herbalist local to the Sichuan province, the recipe yields a rich herbal brew, balanced in its components to be both nutritious and gentle for every day drinking.


  • Aged Earl Grey – Black Tea
  • Jasmine Green and Jasmine Blossoms

Harney & Sons

  • Classic Specialty Blend – Hot Cinnamon Spice Flavored Black Tea
  • Ceylon – Decaffeinated Black Tea

Twinnings of London

  • English Breakfast – Black Tea
  • Early Grey – Decaffeinated Black Tea

The afternoon tea menu will feature the following:

Sandwich Selection

  • Smoked Scottish Salmon with Asparagus Spears
  • Chicken Salad with Cranberries and Walnuts
  • Fresh Dill Cream Cheese and English Cucumbers
  • Egg Salad

For the Table

  • Soup du Jour
  • Assortment of Breads
  • Assortment of French Pastries and Desserts
  • Fresh Baked English Style Scones served with Devonshire Cream, Lemon Curd and Preserves

Sparkling Wine Selection

  • Champagne, Collet, Brut – $16
  • Bichot Cremant De Bourgogne Rosé – $10
  • Bottomless Mimosa – $24

The program was created in partnership with Tea Room Chef Carolyn Geiger. She began her career working as a chef at Milan Bakery on Fremont Street. After nearly 12 years, she was introduced to the world of tea and has never looked back. Her passion comes from operating her own tea room, Market Tea Room which opened in 2006. Today, she works alongside the talented team at Andre’s to create their afternoon tea program, blending the delicate flavors of tea with their award-winning French tavern menu.

“My love for tea came very natural once I began learning about the multitude of health benefits that come with drinking it. The more I started to drink and explore different teas and researched the benefits it can have on the body, it became a sort of obsession,” says Carolyn Geiger, tea room chef, Andre’s Bistro & Bar.

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