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The Mob Museum Now Offers Presentations, Moonshine Samplings in the Underground Distillery

The Mob Museum Now Offers Presentations, Moonshine Samplings in the Underground Distillery
The Mob Museum
, The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, introduces guided presentations in The Underground Distillery every Thursday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

At the top of every hour, guests can attend a 10-minute presentation about the distillation process and participate in a moonshine-sampling experience. They will be able to peer into the vat that mixes the corn mash used to make the moonshine, as well as get a close-up view of the 60-gallon, artisan copper-pot still. All ages are welcome to attend the presentation, but guests must be 21 or older to sample the moonshine.

During the self-guided tour of the rest of The Underground, guests learn about Prohibition-era bootlegging and rum running. Prohibition shut down thousands of breweries and distilleries across America, but it could not eliminate the public’s desire for alcohol. It simply forced the brewing and distilling of booze into the shadows, which contributed significantly to the rise and proliferation of the Mob in America.

Numerous artifacts found in the Speakeasy and Distillery add depth and context to the Prohibition experience. Items to be on display include a beaded chiffon dress, ca. 1926, which is an example of the new and bolder fashions that became popular during the Prohibition era due to the rise of flapper culture, as well as a 5-gallon whiskey still, one of the smaller home stills used to make alcohol during Prohibition.

Visitors to The Underground at The Mob Museum can also visit its Speakeasy, which serves not only house-distilled moonshine, but also house-brewed craft beer and distilled vodka as well as tempting Prohibition era-inspired cocktails, draft beer, wines by the glass and non-alcoholic drinks.

For more information, please call (702) 229-2734 or visit