Las Vegas 3on3 Basketball Tournament Announces “Prep King & Queen of the Court High School Bracket”

Las Vegas 3on3 Basketball Tournament Announces “Prep King & Queen of the Court High School Bracket”
Las Vegas 3on3 
will introduce the Findlay Toyota “Prep King & Queen of the Court High School Bracket” at its new event location, Las Vegas Festival GroundsOctober 27 – 28. Local and out-of-state high school basketball teams are invited to bring their talents to the famous Las Vegas Strip to compete in the new bracket sponsored by Findlay Toyota. 

This bracket will give teams the chance to take on some of the nation’s best high school basketball programs, including the defending champions Findlay Prep Pilots, for an opportunity to be crowned “King & Queen of the Court.”

Since its 2007-08 season, Findlay Prep has been highly successful with 280 wins and only 19 losses. Findlay Prep has won three National High School Championships and has advanced to six National High School Tournament Final Fours.  Since 2010, eight Findlay Prep Pilots have been drafted by NBA teams, including 2013 No. 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett.

“We wanted to bring the best high school athletes together for some friendly competition prior to their regular season,” said Daren Libonati, Vice President and General Manager of Festivals & Outdoor Venues for MGM Resorts International. “Playing in a 3on3 setting against a team known for producing some of the best high school athletes does not happen often, and I know the other teams are eagerly looking forward to having the chance to go head-to-head with one of the most elite squads in the country.”

The Findlay Toyota “Prep King & Queen of the Court High School Bracket” is priced at $140 per team. Teams will be bracketed according to height, gender, age and competition level. Registration is now open for the Findlay Toyota “Prep King & Queen of the Court Bracket.” Admission is complimentary for fans who wish to cheer on their favorite teams throughout the weekend.

Matt Santangelo, Executive Director of Spokane Hoopfest, said, “This new division is designed to encourage pre-existing rivalries to play each other for the ultimate bragging rights. This is the first high school division where we are bringing in such a well-known team ready to take on any willing competitor. I can’t wait to see the excitement on the courts and the increased competitiveness that will surely transpire.”

As the world’s largest 3on3 basketball tournament for more than 29 years, Hoopfest has hosted over 24,000 players on 6,000 teams, 3,000 volunteers and 225,000 fans on more than 420 courts spanning 45 city blocks in Spokane, Washington. For the past three years, Hoopfest has partnered with MGM Resorts International to bring the exhilarating competition to Las Vegas.

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