10 Celebrities Who Love Sleeping

Celebrities work hard. Endless demands on their time from tours and movie sets mean they have busy schedules. The quest for fame and fortune means that there are few hours left in the day for some shut-eye. Surprisingly, there are a few of them who don’t let the pace of their lifestyle get in the way of their beauty sleep. Here are 10 celebrities who love sleeping.

10 Celebrities Who Love Sleeping
10 Celebrities Who Love Sleeping

1.    Gwyneth Paltrow

The star of “Meet Joe Black,” loves to meet up with the Sandman as well. Gwyneth spoke to Dr. Brandt on Sirius XM radio where she told the world about her need for good quality sleep.

She says her schedule rarely affords her time to sleep in, but when it does, she loves hitting the snooze button and pulling back the covers for a few extra hours in the morning.

2.    Matthew McConaughey

This actor’s magnificent performance in “True Detective,” portrayed him as a paranoid ex-cop who suffered nightmares. McConaughey says his character in real life is nothing like his performance in that role.

In an interview with People magazine, Matthew revealed his love for sleep and its necessity in making him feel restored and ready to work.

3.    Mariah Carey

The girl with the golden voice is a fan of bedtime as well. The singer told health.com that she keeps a regular sleeping cycle to protect her voice.

In her interview, Mariah notes that she frequently aims for a 15-hour sleep session before stepping on stage.

4.    Brad Pitt

The first rule of fight club is – take regular naps. Hollywood’s dream stud told TMZ that he couldn’t function without a good night’s sleep.

The star of multiple Hollywood blockbusters admits that naps keep him sane, without them he can’t think and feels emotional.

5.    Jennifer Lopez

As a mother of twins, you’d think that J-Lo doesn’t get much shut-eye. However, that’s not the case.

The singer/actress told ET that she values sleep and admits to taking regular naps with her kids.

6.    Nicholas Cage

Best known for his academy award winning performance in “Leaving Las Vegas,” Cage is another Hollywood superstar who values his rest.

In an interview with People magazine, Cage revealed that after consulting with a sleep clinic, professionals told him to take more naps. Adopt Cage’s strategy and visit a Las Vegas sleep consultant to enhance your sleep.

7.    Eva Mendes

This actress loves her sleep. Eva revealed her love of a soft bed and comfy duvet to Marie Claire.

Mendez admitted that her love of snoozing prevents her from experiencing motherhood. She claims that the thought of broken sleep and exhaustion from raising kids is too much for her to bear.

8.    Lady Gaga

The queen of modern pop music told Vogue Magazine that she does all she can to maximize her sleeping schedule on tour.

The songstress said that her friends say she charges up like a robot, and if she doesn’t get 8-hours a night, she’s like a walking zombie the following day.

9.    Cameron Diaz

This angel revealed her passion for sleep in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Diaz believes rest is an essential part of good health and vitality in her routine. Sleeping right keeps her consistent.

10.    Lauren Conrad

This star of reality TV runs her blog where she has multiple articles on the importance of sleep. You know the girl’s passionate about her shut-eye if she’s willing to tell it to the world.