Current Status of the Transportation Industry in Las Vegas

None of us can argue on the fact that Las Vegas is the party capital of the world. People from all over the globe visit Las Vegas by taking time off from their jobs to spend quality time here with family or alone. It was reported that 45 million people visited southern Nevada, this statistic shows the popularity of this place among travelers. 

Current Status of the Transportation Industry in Las VegasDue to the abundancy in the count of passengers, the transportation industry in Las Vegas has never seen a dip, rather has improved every passing year. If you reach the airport, you can get a taxi at the baggage claim area. An interesting fact about Las Vegas is, taxis are not allowed to pick passengers from the street, even if the taxi is empty. Taxis are only allowed to pick up from established pickup points.

There are 16 online taxi booking companies in Las Vegas making an average of 2 million trips per month. Every taxi dispatch software company is allotted a number for their taxi service.

Uber and Lyft

Both Uber and Lyft are working in Las Vegas, and is a terrible news to taxi and limo service providers as they are less expensive and quicker. The innovation in the mobile app development field has opened new doors for the on demand industry like transportation, healthcare, etc…

As reported by the Review Journal, normal waiting/pickup time for Uber is 5 min, Lyft is 10 minutes and conventional taxi service is 30 minutes. Also, Uber is 40% and Lyft is 30% less expensive. Moreover, Lyft and Uber are now offering ride sharing service.

You could imagine the demand of an online taxi solution as cabs are time restricted in the weekends to make more cabs available during these peak times.

Taxi Fares in Las Vegas

Eventually, the fight is over money. In November 2017, the average fare paid by a passenger to one of Nevada’s 16 taxi organization was $16.40. While pricing in Uber always changes, least for a UberX is $7.25—which is half the price of other taxi services.

Yet, the price isn’t all that matters; Uber’s navigation is a bit confusing at times. Uber have encountered many such incidents where the passengers were notified with the wrong location coordinates.

Certified insights stated that only 3% of Uber rideshare users initially tipped the drivers. The circumstance also has improved since a year ago, when one research revealed that about 96% of Uber drivers left the company within a year due to dissatisfaction with their income. Another study states that, after the firm (Uber) rolled out various upgradation in the policies and service offered, the drop-out rate is currently 45%.

Lyft on the other hand has always supported and allowed tipping with in the application, last year, uber also bought such changes in their app to offer electronic tipping (money was also accepted). Uber claims that drivers made over $200 million in the last 6 months of the year of 2017.

The casinos appear to be everywhere as far as the mode of transport they prefer for their customers. At the Hard Rock Hotel, taxis are permitted to get and drop off comfortable at the front door. However, if you want an Uber or a Lyft, you need to go to the streets in the back.

A women member of the cab drivers association has gone to the Nevada governing body demanding help from the Uber and Lyft invasion, as traditional taxi owners can’t compete with the kind of taxi dispatch software used Uber and Lyft. “Working in the Las Vegas taxi industry was generally a solid job where a driver could support his family, for example, medical coverage to safety bonus, etc. However, those days are gone unless we secure your assistance,” she disclosed to officials.