Surprising Reasons to Move to Las Vegas

Quick! Describe the city that never sleeps. Lady Liberty watches over it, right? But if you’re thinking of New York, know that this other 24/7 town also has an Egyptian pyramid and an Eiffel Tower. 

Yet Sin City isn’t just home to the decadent thrills of endless casinos and nightclubs. Las Vegas offers unrivaled natural landscapes and, perhaps in a bit of irony, even firm community values. Las Vegas can be a riddle that is hard to crack, but once you solve it, you will find a thriving, engaged society, and a place you can take pride in calling home.

Las Vegas’ Outdoor Marvels

You probably didn’t know that Vegas is near dozens of excellent hiking trails, camping sites, and hunting grounds complementing its more famous nearby national treasures, such as the Hoover Dam. If you seek solace in the great outdoors and live for the sun on your back, then moving out west to Vegas should be on your mind. The climate in Vegas can be challenging, so make sure you pack for your outdoor ventures appropriately. Grab the necessary camping gear and hunting equipment before heading out. Nevada sees an average of nearly 300 sunny days per year, meaning your days off will be filled with unending adventure rather than dour rain delays. In fact, early this year there was a streak of 100 rain-free days.  

A Rewarding College Experience

Nevada hosts a phenomenal educational experience for college students looking to dive into the job market. With numerous university campuses and a host of recently added professional sports teams, the area is inviting to newly minted high school graduates looking to broaden their horizons. And as Vegas is placed within a network of highways, rail lines, and a large international airport — making travel home relatively painless — parents will also find this booming town advantageous. On top of that, there will be plenty of cheap storage units near you that are functional and inexpensive, making moving or going home for the summer all the more convenient.

Tight-Knit Community

Las Vegas is also a community-focused city; its residents come from all walks of life and have roots all over the world. Not only does the inclusive town open embracing new members of all stripes, it has a reputation for robust volunteerism. When you come to Las Vegas you will be secure in the knowledge that your experiences in this diverse community will serve you admirably in business and in pleasure. Las Vegans also participate in a surprisingly active social calendar. Residents have a plethora of choices when it comes to leisure and fun. With such a variety of options it’s no wonder Las Vegans love their city.

A Dollar Earned Goes Far

Las Vegans have a much lighter tax burden than other American city residents. Tourist spending on the Strip supports most expenditures in the Nevadan budget, eliminating the need for state income tax. This is great news for you, because it means you get to keep more of your hard-earned salary. Housing costs are low, with median prices in the low two hundreds range. Also, construction projects are sprouting up all across the city with new and impressive additions opening their doors constantly.

If you are in the mood for a Vegas getaway, you are in luck. With The Strip in your backyard you can save a fortune when friends and family come to visit looking to chance their luck. Alternatively, you are in a perfect position to score a last minute deal in a luxury hotel and make an outing of it if you’d rather got that route.

If you’re considering a move, then Las Vegas is a perfect community for those with an adventurous spirit who are looking to set down roots in a new and exciting location. With its diversity and natural beauty, Las Vegas will keep you busy year after year as you discover new sights and sounds each day.