Get to Know the Disco Biscuits Ahead of Their Three-Night Run at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas Nov. 1-3

Get to Know the Disco Biscuits Ahead of Their Three-Night Run at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas Nov. 1-3
Trance-fusion pioneers The Disco Biscuits are returning to Vegas for the first time since 2016 with a three-night, late-night run at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas spanning Thursday, Nov. 1 – Saturday, Nov. 3 (Photo credit: Edison Graff / Kabik Photo Group).  

Despite decades of jamming and legions of dedicated fans, the Biscuits have remained relatively underground outside of the jam band world. Get to know the band that bridged the gap between electronic music and jam bands and discover a dance party of epic proportions.

  1. The Disco Biscuits are an electronica jam band formed in Philadelphia in 1995 as a Phish cover band.
  2. The band consists of Allen Aucoin, Marc “Brownie” Brownstein, Jon “Barber” Gutwillig, and Aron Magner.
  3. The Biscuits curate their own annual music festival, “Camp Bisco,” where electronic DJs and jam bands combine creative efforts, with the Biscuits headlining each night.
  4. Big EDM names, like Bassnectar and Pretty Lights, have joined the Biscuits at their namesake festival.
  5. The band is involved in various charitable efforts including food drives and hurricane relief.
  6. Marc Brownstein and Andy Bernstein created the nonprofit HeadCount, which has partnered with entertainers like G-Eazy, John Mayer, Chelsea Handler, and Dave Grohl to offer voter registration prior to their shows to promote democratic involvement.
  7. Marc Brownstein and Jon Gutwillig have both written Rock Operas.
  8. Inspiration for their band name came from a friend who randomly asked one day, “you guys want to go find some Disco Biscuits?” (eighties lingo for Quaaludes)
  9. Jon “Barber” Gutwillig is a part-time Vegas resident.
  10. They like to party…Sorry if you don’t.

Tickets for The Disco Biscuits are available at the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas box office, by calling 877.987.6487 or online on the Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas website. Single night general admission tickets are $39.50. Three-day general admission tickets are available for $110 at This show is for ages 21+. Doors open each night at 11 p.m.