7 Starlets with Surrogate Families

It may surprise you to learn that some Hollywood starlets choose to use gestational surrogacy to bring their children into this world. Surrogacy offers the opportunity to bless their lives with a child and leave a legacy to their heirs. 

Surrogacy offers the chance to raise a baby for geriatric mothers and aging fathers that no longer have the biological capability of bearing children. Hollywood is no different to any other town or society in America. Starlets want to raise a family as well.

Here is a list of A-list celebs that committed to a surrogate to receive the blessing of a baby boy or girl. Visit surrogacy here in Las Vegas for a consultation of your own.

GloZell Green

This YouTube star documented her surrogacy with her husband, Kevin Simon. The two filmed their experience with attempting fertility treatment and their eventual decision to “Glo all in,” with a surrogate mother to birth a child into the world.

The couple made the most of the situation by filming their surrogate, Shawna Johnson, and her experience with surrogacy. Trips to the doctor’s office, discussions of infertility and their fears and joy all laid bare on their YouTube channel as they journeyed through the process.

The trio welcomed baby girl O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon, into the world on August 7, 2016.

Katey Sagal

Katey shot to fame with the hit TV series, “Married with children.” As Peggy Bundy, her role was to raise two spoiled brats and look after her dysfunctional husband. An instant hit with audiences around the globe, the show’s rating consistently drew an audience of millions.

However, at the time of production, Sagal did have a family of her own with Jack White. Sagal took care of the children on set with a nursey for the two little ones attached to her dressing room.

In 2000 she split from White and married Kurt Sutter, creator of the hit TV series “Sons of anarchy.” The couple desperately wanted children, but their age was a factor that came into play. After multiple rounds of fertility treatment and tests, they choose to go with a surrogate.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Esme, into the world in 2007, with Sagal at 52-years of age.

Tyra Banks

The reality star, supermodel, and entrepreneur is another beneficiary of a surrogate family. The starlet revealed her infertility issues to the public in 2015. She and her husband, Erik Asla, choose to use surrogacy as a means to start a family. In 2016, they introduced their baby boy, York Banks Asla, to the world. The state that their “miracle little boy,” bears their features, including Banks’ eyes and hands.

In a public post on Instagram, Banks thanked her surrogate and told the world that she prays for anyone that can’t have children because of fertility issues.

Giuliana Rancic

The E! News host underwent a double breast mastectomy after discovering that she had cancer. Afterward, she struggled to fall pregnant and after multiple rounds of fertility treatment gave up on her dreams to get pregnant.

Her and husband bill chose to acquire the services of a surrogate to start their family instead. Their hire, Delphine, bore their son Duke in 2012. Unfortunately, Delphine’s efforts to deliver the couple with a second child ended in multiple miscarriages that eventually endangered her health.

Rancic and her husband don’t seem to upset about the situation, and in a public statement, she stated that her love for her son Duke is the greatest gift of life.

Ellen Pompeo

This Hollywood actress birthed her first child, Stella, in 2009. However, her attempts at having a second were not to be. She chose to use a surrogate and decided to keep the process out of the public eye. Ellen announced the birth 2-months after the fact. In an Instagram post, she and husband Chris Ivery introduced their second daughter, Sienna May Ivery, to the world.

In an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show, just hours after the Instagram post went public, she went on to explain the joys of motherhood and how working with the surrogate was a blessing that she’s eternally grateful for and an incredible life gift.

Lucy Liu

This Hollywood starlet of “Charlie’s Angels,” is a surrogate mother as well. In a 2015 Instagram reveal, she introduced the world to her son, Rockwell Lloyd Liu.

This single mother went on the Today show to announce that a gestational surrogate carried Rockwell, and had an in-depth discussion about her infertility issues.

Liu swelled with pride as she talked about her experience of motherhood and how it changed her behavior and thought process. Liu accounts for the process of becoming a mom as the most human experience she’s had in her life.

Sarah Jessica Parker

“Sex in the city,” starlet Sarah Jessica Parker is the last actress on our list of celebrities that use the services of a surrogate to start their family. The actress and husband, Matthew Broderick, bore their first child in, James Wilke, in 2002. However, attempts to have another child were unsuccessful for the couple. The couple sought the services of a surrogate and introduced twins, Tabitha and Marion, to the world in 2009.