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Just in Time for Halloween, The Official SAW Escape Experience Adds New Scares

Just in Time for Halloween, The Official SAW Escape Experience Adds New Scares
It wouldn’t be a Las Vegas Halloween without Jason Egan, head of Egan Escape Productions and the mastermind of The Official SAW Escape Experience, adding in some new twists and turns to the world’s only escape enterprise fashioned after Lionsgate’s wildly popular SAW film franchise (Pictured: Actor Tobin Bell and Owner Jason Egan in background)  

The Meat Processing Room
The Meat Processing Room

Egan, who is known for creating horror-filled haunted houses and more, has introduced several new puzzles into the multi-roomed Experience, keeping guests on their toes and encouraging those who have already mastered the escapes to come back and try their luck with the new additions.

Jigsaw's Workshop
Jigsaw’s Workshop

“We want the SAW Escape to be the city’s top attraction this Halloween season,” says Egan, “So we went all out with new puzzles and even the creation of entirely new scenarios.”

Owner Jason Egan and Actor Tobin Bell
Owner Jason Egan and Actor Tobin Bell

As one of the most beloved franchises in the horror genre, fans of the films have been coming from around the world to experience the cinematic-inspired attraction. Only open since the end of January, tens of thousands have already come through the doors.

Billy Puppet in Jigsaw's Workshop
Billy Puppet in Jigsaw’s Workshop

“People are amazed by the experience,” he says. “It’s a journey unlike anything they have done before … and it brings people together to solve the puzzles and use teamwork to make it out.”

‘The Official SAW Escape Experience’ feature numerous themed rooms where guests go toe-to-toe with the notorious Jigsaw. After entering what appears to be an old, abandoned meat-packing plant, guests will be plunged into a world of traps and puzzles where they will need to work together to escape not just a single room, but the twists and turns of an entire building. The iconic SAW bathroom scene will be just one of the many highlights along the way, as visitors are put to the test in what has been designed to be an entirely immersive experience and one of the largest escape attractions in the world. Located at 2121 Industrial Road, the venue is situated a few minutes from The Strip. The SAW Escape Experience is open Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 6 p.m. – 11 p.m. and Friday – Saturday from 5 p.m. – midnight. For more information or to book call 702-637-1327 or visit Follow along on FacebookTwitterSnapchatInstagram and YouTube.