Sexy Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Sassy New Look

Are you getting bored with your long locks? Have you considered trading in your shoulder-length tresses for a short stacked bob? Long hair is stylish and sexy, but it can be overwhelming at times. But guess what? Short hair is just as trendy and sexy. Short hairstyles are making a huge comeback and have come a long way in recent years. 

Bob hairstyles have been around for years. They were very popular after the first World War, when many women were cutting their long hair into stylish French bobs. Since then the bob has come a long way, from lobs to short stacked bobs to asymmetrical bobs, there is no end the amount of trendy bob hairstyles to choose from if you are looking for a chic new short hairstyle.

Stacked bob haircuts are ideal in the fact that they are simple yet versatile. Gone are the days when stacked bobs are only akin to middle-aged suburban women who drive minivans. This look is becoming quite popular with women of all ages. They are an ideal cut for those who want to get rid of some of the length and weight of long hair. But what exactly is a stacked bob?

A stacked bob cut is one that is stacked in the back with gradual layers to add volume and style. It is then cut in a angle that gets gradually longer as it goes to the front. Depending on the length you choose, you might still have the ability to pull back the sides of your hair in a trendy half updo while still showing off the cute stacked back. This style is perfect for those who are looking for a new short or medium length hairstyle that is chic, fun and sophisticated all in one.

Blonde Balayage Blunt Bob Stacked Hairstyle

This stacked bob is perfect if you don’t want a stacked hairstyle that is too drastic. The ends are cut in short blunt bob and the layers are long and just barely stacked. This look is full of body due to the long layers and is ideal for those with thick hair who want to add some life to their hair.

If you want to lighten up your locks as well, this blonde balayage is so pretty with its dark ash blonde base and light ash blonde highlights throughout to add depth and dimension.

To style, blow dry your hair using a paddle brush to add some volume. Use a volumizing mousse to give your hair some bounce. Lift up some of the top layers and let them fall naturally for a slightly unkempt took that is trendy and carefree, yet still has a professional vibe.

Sexy Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Sassy New Look

Classic Bob Stacked Hairstyle

This is another classic stacked bob with its finely stacked back layers to add some volume to even the thinnest tresses. Stacked bobs are a fun way to give your hair a fresh start. Longer hair can get tangled and knotted so easy. Plus, if you color or style your hair often, it tends to get dry and damaged. A stacked bob is a great way to cut your hair to allow for new growth without going super short if you aren’t ready to commit to a pixie cut.

This bob is stacked in the back with slightly longer layers in the front. It can be blown dry straight for a sleek and polished look or style in messy, tousled waves to add some body and movement. The best thing about stacked haircuts is that they can go from work to play and you can still dress them up with hair accessories such as headscarf, hat or headband.

Vibrant Purple Messy Stacked Tresses for Maximum Volume

In a world where anything goes when it comes to hair color, purple is by far one of the most trendy hair colors for those who are looking for a more edgy vibe.

This short stacked bob has a bit of an edge as well, with its long layers and slightly angled undercut with stacked layers. It is ideal if you want a cut with a ton of volume. The best thing about this cut is you can wear it as messy as you want, and it will still look sexy and sassy.

Curly Auburn Natural Stacked Bob with Long, Face Framing Layers

If you are looking for a stacked bob that will flatter your wavy tresses, this bob with a rounded stacked bob and long, face framing layers is simply gorgeous! And what better way to flaunt this sensual look than with some sexy auburn locks? Ask for dark and light auburn shades to add texture to this wavy bob.

Apply a volumizing mousse to your damp hair and blow dry it with a vent brush to add fullness and movement. Let your curls fall into soft and sensual waves that will pair nicely with some sexy matte red lipstick and smokey eyeshadow.

Sexy Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Sassy New Look

Stacked Bob with Dramatic Middle Part and Tossed Back Blonde Highlights

Looking for a classy stacked bob that is still trendy and hip? How about this voluminous short rounded stacked bob with a middle part? A dramatic middle part is perfect if you want a chic and polished look that has a bit of a sensual vibe. Ask for an inverted stacked bob with chin length layers in the front to frame your face in a soft and playful manner.

Add in some honey brown and platinum blonde highlights for a multi tonal look that is the perfect contrast between warm and cool hues.

Blow dry your hair with a paddle brush for outstanding volume and style your long layers tot the back for a slightly tossed back look that shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Sexy Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Sassy New Look

Rounded Stacked Blonde Ombre Bob with Layers and Sideswept Bangs

This rounded stacked bob is perfect for those with oval or long faces. The rounded back has a ton of volume to give it a bit of bounce for a fun and youthful flair. Ask for long side swept bangs for to give it a sexy, flirty edge.

Various shades of dark and light blonde to create a multidimensional blonde ombre will give this sexy bob hairstyle an endless amount of depth and texture.

Blow dry your hair straight with a vent brush to give it volume and a slightly messy vibe. Use a flat iron or round brush to flip your bangs back a bit and style them to one side after making a deep side part.

Sexy Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Sassy New Look

Platinum Blonde Stacked Bob with Voluminous Underswing

Ready to embrace your inner blonde goddess? This platinum blonde bob with buttery blonde undertones is just gorgeous! Ask for a graduated bob with drastic angles starting with a short stacked undercut in the back and ending in long face framing blonde layers up front.

Blow dry your hair straight with a round brush and flip your ends under to give it an underswing to max out the volume and give your platinum blonde tresses a ton of movement and personality.

Sexy Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Sassy New Look

We hope that these sexy and spunky short stacked bob haircuts have inspired you to trade in  your long locks for a sassy short new stacked hairdo! Get ready for endless compliments and attention with your trendsetting stacked short bob!